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by Janet Sue Terry
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  • Publisher: Just My Best
  • Publishing date: 200307
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780972034432
  • ISBN: 0972034439


Resolutions takes up where book 1-Possibilities leaves off.

In book 1, Possibilities ... Blake Baxter (whom all the female readers adore) won Nora's heart and made her his bride. Unfortunately, the marriage is bumpy from the beginning thanks to a controlling mother-in-law. Into the picture comes Blake's old flame and ex-fiance Samantha, who is set on getting her man back. She teams up with Blake's mother and they set out to break up the marriage. After seeing Samantha and Blake in a passionate embrace, Nora, hurt and confused, flees into the night and is soon reported missing. Later she is proclaimed dead by the police even though her body has not been found. They claim she was murdered by a mysterious cab driver who picked her up at the hospital after she suffered a street accident, and lost a baby that Blake did not know she was carrying. Blake, devastated and filled with guilt, hires private detectives to find her. But their efforts prove fruitless. After months of searching, hoping, and believing that his wife will be found alive, a depressed and hopeless Blake drives off into the sunset.

In book 2, Resolutions ... Blake Baxter, hair down to his shoulders and sporting a full beard returns to Detroit the same way he left, unexpectedly. He is dressed in a flannel shirt, denim jeans, scuffed up boots, and a baseball cap. He draws the attention of passerby's as he makes his way across the swanky lobby of his office building. On the second floor he pushes a door open, leans against the doorjamb, and waits for his brother to recognize him.

Bill exclaimed crossing the room. Where in the hell have you been? Fishing. For eighteen months? I needed to get away for awhile. We tried to find you, Bill said. I didnt want to be found. Bill clasped Blake's shoulders. "You look completely uncivilized." "Has there been news of, Nora?" "No, nothing." "I wanted her to be here." "I wish she were," Bill told him.

Blake turned his car keys over to the valet and stepped onto the sidewalk. As he neared the entrance to the building the doorman clasped his hand.

"Welcome home, Mr. Baxter." "Has Mrs. Baxter been home?" he asked with a break in his voice. "No Sir, I haven't seen her."

The coldness of the apartment hit Blake the moment he stepped inside. The heat was low and the place had an aura of bleakness. He had tried unsuccessfully to cope with the uncertainty of Nora's disappearance. But he still had a long way to go because he saw her everywhere he looked. He turned the thermostat up and stood staring out the window at the city lights below, recalling their first night in the penthouse. They cooked dinner, relaxed, sipped wine, and admired the panoramic view of the city. During those first precious years Nora had always been in this room, on this sofa when he came home from work. Moving into the kitchen he checked the refrigerator hoping to find a beer, but it had been cleaned and left empty. No doubt, his attorney, Houston Ripley sent someone over to clean the place up. He glanced around the flat noticing that it was not only clean, but gave the appearance of a model home, ready to sell. Blake entered the bedroom and jerked the closet doors open. He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Noras clothes hanging where she left them. He would have been crazed with anger if her things had been disturbed. Subconsciously he had hoped that Nora would be waiting for him. He tried to convince himself that she was dead, but he could not accept it. Perhaps, he had to actually see her body before he could give up hope. So many questions remained to be answered. Would he ever know the truth?

He pulled a dress from the rack, sank down on the bed, and buried his face in it. He remembered how beautiful Nora looked when she wore it. Remembering her, sniffing her perfume that still clung to the garment, was more than he could bear. For the first time since her disappearance he began to cry. He did not want to weep, to mourn, he believed it to be an admission that she was gone for good, and he would never give up hope. However, the aching loneliness pained him so deeply that his only release was through his tears.

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