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One Phone Call Away: Secrets Of A Master Networker

by Jeffrey W. Meshel, Douglas Garr
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  • Publisher: Portfolio Hardcover
  • Publishing date: 17/11/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781591840909
  • ISBN: 1591840902


The maxim ?It?s not what you know, it?s who you know? goes a long way toward explaining why some people are more successful in their careers than others. But it?s not only who you know. More important, it?s what you know about who you know. Just collecting business cards is pointless.

But as Jeffrey Meshel points out, most people can dramatically increase their ?who you know? quotient once they understand the secrets of a master networker. Meshel, who now has more than 4,500 contacts in his Rolodex, shares the secrets that have helped him become a star in the financial world. For instance, he explains how to:

? stop thinking ?What?s in it for me?? and start asking ?How can I help you??
? overcome shyness when meeting people
? learn how to sell yourself
? become a ?connector? who puts others in touch
? plant seeds now that will eventually pay off

Filled with fascinating stories and easy-to-master lessons, One Phone Call Away is perfect for anyone who wants to capitalize on the strengths of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances?and take a career to the next level.

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  • Network Your Way to Success
    From Amazon

    Jeffrey W. Meshel tells stories and shares networking experiences that reveal how he became a success by building an extensive web of relationships. He asserts that your existing list of contacts should be so far-reaching that your next big sale, job or opportunity is always just "one phone call away." Meshel explains the tenets of help-based networking, a system wherein you succeed by helping others succeed. His mantra is to tap into, "the power of who you know." This is a narrative, and not exactly a networking how-to manual. While his information about starting a networking group or joining one is quite helpful, Meshel often leaves it up to you to extract the practical advice from his experiences. Yet we find that this extra level of thinking is quite worthwhile if you are developing a business or a sales practice, and need support and contacts.

  • Get over your fear of networking.
    From Amazon

    Jeffrey Meshel has become a master networker, because he does it to help others. He tries to go out of his way to connect two people that can help one another, and the great thing is that it brings business in to his company as well.

    One Phone Call Away gives great tips for novices on how to overcome shyness and how to control the perception others have of you. This part was very helpful to me as someone just starting to enter the business world. He also has tips for expert networkers about organizations they can join, and how they can expand their networks. I assume those tips are great also. They sounded good for CEOs and other executives.

    I found myself with two opinions throughout this book. The first was very positive and appreciative of the advice to ask "How can I help others?" and not "What's in it for me?" It shows that networking is not a selfish thing to, but rather a very productive business practice.

    The second opinion stems from my own desire to not change my behavior because of money or my status position. Because Meshel networks with executives and other high status people, he finds it profitable to adopt habits of the rich and famous. One example he gives is paying twice as much for a yearly health club membership to be an "executive member", which ended up giving him business opportunities with other executive members he met at the gym. This is probably simply a sound business practice. I just don't like the thought of putting myself above the regular members of the gym.

    Cat Cromar

  • Networking Is Important
    From Amazon

    Jeffrey Meshel has written a good book on how more effectively make, grow and keep your business relationships. He has filled the book with personal stories of how he has helped others and been helped by others....all of it leading to future success.

    My favorite part is on pages 141 - 143 where he talks about one of the drawbacks of being a good networker is that sometimes you are forced to meet with people who waste your time. Yep, that happens!!! But he lets the reader know that the good people you encounter out-number the losers.

    Meshel has had a successful business career, and his outgoing networking activities have contributed to his financial gains. Those who discredit a network of professional contacts can't hold a candle to what you will read in One Phone Call Away.

  • Interesting And Enjoyable
    From Amazon

    Some very useful tips and insights on how to succeed by helping others to succeed first. Somewhat too pedantic and a bit narcissistic for my tastes, more of a biography really, but the stories and anecdotes do illuminate universal lessons. A useful and highly personalized self-help book.

  • A Good Read
    From Amazon

    "One Phone Call Away" is a nice easy-to-read primer on networking. The book's author offers lots of great networking tips and even talks about networking groups. I also like the fact that the author operates from the "what can I do for you" mentality instead of the "what's in it for me" mentality.

    Although Harvey Mackay gives it a glowing recommendation, I still prefer Harvey's "Dig Your Well Before You're Thirsty."


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