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One-minute Organiser To Unclutter Your Mind, The: 500 Tips For Focusing On What's Important

by Donna Smallin
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
  • Publishing date: 17/08/2006
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781580176361
  • ISBN: 1580176364


A calm, uncluttered mind is the best defense against the stresses of contemporary life. Donna Smallin, who has already helped thousands of people organize their homes, now takes on the emotional and psychological clutter that can get in the way of living a balanced, rewarding life. A focused mind may be a tall order, but Smallin, with her special gift for seeing the quick solutions to all kinds of clutter, offers 500 quick tips and creative ideas to help busy people clear away unnecessary worries, daily stresses, and unproductive habits. In just a few minutes each day, anyone can reduce anxiety and find time for a simpler, more rewarding life.

Organized into two broad sections, Clear Out and Keep It Clear, Smallin’s helpful tips inspire readers first to clear the daily mental clutter, then to keep the stress at bay and cultivate authentic joy. The quick solutions address such common problems as setting goals, regaining control, nurturing relationships, accepting mistakes, reducing debt, and organizing physical clutter. And, most importantly, every suggestion can be part of the busiest day. These days, when everybody is struggling to keep up with growing to-do lists, The One-Minute Organizer to Unclutter Your Mind offers real help for busy people seeking a brief respite from all the noise.

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  • One of the better examples of the "little inspirational tidbits" genre
    From Amazon

    A quick read, with many ideas I've found elsewhere, but still a good collection of tips. I'd recommend this one for someone seeking inspiration. Treat it like a page-a-day calendar and dole it out to yourself as needed and/or as part of your daily routine.

  • I can't say enough about this book!
    From Amazon

    This book has been a great friend. I carry this book in my purse, so wherever and whenever I can find time to read it I do. It helps you get your priorities back into perspective. I can't tell you how many times I have read this book in the two years that I have owned it, but it never gets old. It is a very easy read. Thank you, Donna...your words have helped me to improve my life.

  • the title of this book should be different
    From Amazon

    The content of this book is good however the title -Unclutter your mind- made me thought it talked about ways to streamline your thinking process or tips to get things done in order to unclutter your mind. The title of this book should be "how to make your life more joyful" or "focusing on what's important in your life... point". If you are a busy person and you have a lot of things going on in your mind, the tips in this book might make you more overwhelmed with all the tips on the things you should do to make your life more complete and joyful... I am sure busy people do not have time to do everything the writer is suggesting

  • Handy!! and can be read anywear.....
    From Amazon

    I recomand it to all working women out there in the world as it fits all bags and can be carried everywhere.... read it while you are waiting in a clinic or n airport.

  • I was waiting for it long time ago.
    From Amazon

    I was looking for a brief to the point techniques to help me to be relaxed and focused in the same time, alert but not hyper, enjoying a productive lifestyle without being stressed. I enjoyed this state of being but I was looking for clear methodology to maintain it and to help others to achieve it. The author did a great job formulating those wishes into simple steps. very clear, easy to do. You will not need to go through lengthy meditation books or tapes. I wish all authers will follow the brief, to the point writing style. I wish you will enjoy it too.

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