: Of Time and the Timeless: Exploring the Evolved and Emergent Features of a Holistic Perception of change (9780982449134) : Anthony P Berriman : Books
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Of Time And The Timeless: Exploring The Evolved And Emergent Features Of A Holistic Perception Of Change

by Anthony P Berriman
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  • Publisher: Karina Library
  • Publishing date: 20110715
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780982449134
  • ISBN: 0982449135


The great revolutions of our time that have taken place in the social, scientific and artistic fields of endeavour have certainly challenged and in many ways transformed the way we perceive ourselves and the world about us. Yet they have given us no real insight into the widespread material, psychological and religious fragmentation that has so far confounded the creative resources on which civilization is based. Based on a strong and pervasive belief in the primacy of the objective three-dimensional world, our present technological civilization has encouraged most of us to approach life almost exclusively in material terms. This poverty of spirit and the inculcation of a bogus sense of individuality has resulted in perception being almost entirely conditioned by the contextual realities of thought and self-centeredness. Caught between what we perceive as the pressures of an inward subjective limitation and the objective world around us, busy thought and self-centered imperatives constantly dissipate our energy, leaving little space for the mind to be quiet. In this condition most of us, it seems, are as yet unable to perceive our own shallowness or the infinite depth that may lie beyond it. The secular values, traditional systems of belief, or prejudices by which we live, are all the familiar props of the troubled continuity evident in the development of this present civilization. Having seen this, many expect a dim future in the hopes pinned on an ever-expanding database designed to solve all problems that originate in what technocrats coldly refer to as wrong thinking. There is a chronic and disabling spiritual deficit in the midst of so much cerebral juggling, due in part to the limitations of language itself and the self-conscious entity at the center of it all. So from the outset we will not speak here of self-improvement or preparation for better times to come. Rather we hope to address that which is no more distant than what our own blind striving has made it. Even the brightest thought can darken the mind. To have sought happiness and yet remained unfulfilled brings many of us to a place were we can no longer pursue happiness in a way that turns life into such a bruising affair. The intimation of the timeless, which forms the hub of this present work is, we suggest, as vital to today's world as one imagines it has been for all time and in all places. With this in mind, we do not seek so much to reason or compare what might or might not signify an emergent spirituality in the 21st century, but more to authenticate and realize it. I trust the present work will readily engage the reader in a way that ventures some way beyond the realm of mere speculation to a place where inner freedom grows naturally in the light of inquiry.

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