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Night Of The Furies, The

by David Angsten
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
  • Publishing date: 14/10/2008
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780312373702
  • ISBN: 0312373708


"Fast, furious, sexy, and unique, David Angsten's NIGHT OF THE FURIES turns a tour of the Greek Isles into a gripping story of ancient history and bloody retribution. This book demands to be read in one sitting."
?James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Oracle

Two brothers and a beautiful archaeologist exploring ancient mysteries in the Greek Isles get swept into a deadly maelstrom of Bacchanalian horror?.
     It was the greatest secret of the ancient world, held under penalty of death. It lasted over millennia. A procession of thousands pouring out from Athens to gather on the plains of Eleusis. The giants of empires all took part---Socrates, Plato, Pericles, Augustus, Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius. A hallucinogenic elixir was poured. Secret, sacred objects revealed. In the great dark Hall of Initiation, an awe-inspiring transformation took place, a profound experience of death and rebirth?.
     Such was the celebrated pagan rite known as the Eleusinian Mysteries.
     Midnight. Three figures descend a perilous cliff to the ancient site of the Oracle of Delphi. Jack Duran has joined his older brother, Dan, to perform an unusual---and unauthorized---experiment. With the help of Dan’s girlfriend, the brilliant young archaeologist Phoebe Auerbach, the trio will put the famous Oracle to the test.
     Breathing fumes in the ruins of the Oracle’s temple, Phoebe falls into a trance of possession and succumbs to a terrifying vision, a foreboding premonition of horrors to come---and a clue to the secret of the Mysteries.
     The clue leads Jack and Dan to a magnificent yacht crossing the Aegean. Soon they’re plunged into a mind-blowing orgy with a bevy of irresistibly seductive young women. But the unrestrained erotic frenzy ends in a grisly killing. And Dan disappears Now a fugitive on a mysterious island, Jack must enlist Phoebe’s help to uncover the islanders’ hidden past---and face the diabolical vengeance of the Furies.
     A heart-racing adventure thriller, Night of the Furies is a dark and exhilarating journey into contemporary Dionysian madness and horror.

Praise for Dark Gold:

?I sat down with Angsten’s thriller in the afternoon, and I was still reading at 2 a.m. Dark Gold builds to a frantic and explosive climax.”
--Royce Buckingham, author of Demon Keeper

?Take another look at this book’s cover. What’s hidden inside . . . will make your eyes widen.”
--David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of Creepers

?An alliterative, luridly readable pastiche of Crichton, Lovecraft, Jules Verne, and Robinson Crusoe.”
--Entertainment Weekly

?Thrills and chills?sunken gold, black magic, sea monsters, a beautiful Brazilian in a bikini---what more could you want from a summer thriller?”
--Kirkus Reviews (starred)

?You’ve got yourself a page-turner that will take readers back to the days when a good book meant you stayed up all night under the covers with a flashlight. . . . Screenwriter Angsten’s tall tale is for grown-up boys who lust for swashbuckling literary adventure set in tropical climes. Extra batteries for that flashlight are recommended.”
--Publishers Weekly

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  • Fast Paced Erotic Thriller
    From Amazon

    Gotta love learning about exotic places and cultures while being entertained with fast action storytelling. Mr. Angsten has become the king of erotic thrillers set in the most exotic of locales. He gives you enough historical anecdotes to feel like you have learned something by the end of the book, yet he doesn't overwhelm the reader or take away from the excitement of the story. If you want to be taken on a wild ride thousands of miles away from the ordinary read Angsten's books. They won't disappoint.

  • More for the males, but still pretty fun
    From Amazon

    Maybe I should have re-read _Dark Gold_ before reading this sequel... didn't Jack end up with treasure money?? Anyhow, this was a fast adventure in the Greek Isles. It was pretty entertaining - though it, to a much higher degree than _Dark Gold_ - read like a male fantasy. A very phallic book... But it was entertaining. And a third book seems to be planned, so I wonder if Jack will end up with his brother's would-be fiancee after all... I will probably read his next hook, but I am not in a large rush to do so...

  • Enjoy this book, and have some fun, too~
    From Amazon

    Night of the Furies touches on everything human: Friends, Food, Recreation, Fear, Lust, Travel, Suspense, Envy, Curiosity, Love, Family, Authority, Riches, Death, Survival. Spin a tale where elements of Greek Mythology weaves in and out of the thread of the story, and you have an exciting book that's a lot of fun to read, and brings the Greek gods into a real, modern context. Mr. Angsten has a knack for putting you into the midst of real settings, and before you know it, you're fighting for your life, trying to escape!!! This book is a great read, recommended for anyone that needs a fun get-away, is thinking of going to Greece for travel, or that wants to feel the full force of the Greek myths as presented in today's context. Read it today.

  • Night of the Furies is a page turner
    From Amazon

    I just finished this book for the second time. I was so anxious when I was reading the last 4 chapters the first time that I wanted to read it all over again. I don't want to be corny but it really does put the "thrill" back in thriller. It is by far the best thing I've read in a long time. I have to admit the first chapter was a little tough to get through but after that it is a wild ride to the very last few pages.

  • Male fantasy fulfillment - an erotic page-turner
    From Amazon

    I wanted to devour this novel as soon as it was published because I'd LOVED Angsten's debut thriller, Dark Gold. But I'm mildly obsessed with saving just the right novel for my Thanksgiving flights, so delayed gratification it was. The book was definitely worth the wait, and made for excellent airplane reading. Dark Gold was set to great effect in Mexico. Here, Angsten takes us most evocatively to Greece. Note to self: Never travel with David Angsten. In Angsten's hands, even the most appealing destinations are filled with menace and terror. As the novel opens, we are reintroduced to brothers Jack and Dan Duran. Readers of Dark Gold will remember them from the first novel, but I'd have to say quite emphatically that knowledge of their earlier exploits is unnecessary. Prior events are touched on only in passing. This makes sense, of course, so as not to alienate new readers, but I was mildly disappointed that there wasn't more... continuity. More on that in a moment. Jack and Dan, joined by Dan's girlfriend Phoebe, are on a covert mission. They're quite illegally visiting the historic site of the Oracle of Delphi in the middle of the night. Dan is indulging in one of his strange investigations, and with proper homage to history, and a canister of ethylene (which supposedly caused the original visions) they've got the perfect set up for Phoebe to provide a prophesy. Which she does--along with the warning, "The Furies are coming!" The warning, however, is dismissed, and soon Phoebe has to return to her archeological dig. Jack, too, is planning to move on, when Dan gets a call from an old roommate, Basri. With a trust-fund, a yacht, and some wildly libidinous ways, Basri makes an ideal stand-in for Dionysus. He tempts Dan and Jack into a wild pleasure cruise on his yacht full of Hellenic beauties. Before embarking, the brothers are given yet another warning, and here I grew frustrated. ANOTHER yacht full of dangerous beauties? Seriously, Jack, will you EVER learn? Surely after the events in Mexico he should have been somewhat more circumspect? See? That's how you can tell I'm a woman, because basically these guys were being offered an enormous Greek orgy, and pretty much nothing was going to keep them off that boat. I can't tell much more, except to say that there's a whole lot of sex and then things go downhill with staggering speed. I have to imagine that male readers are going to love the more... graphic aspects of the novel. Yeah, Angsten really goes there. For the women, well, I suppose it depends on the woman. There is a lot of eroticism in this novel, but it's meant to be somewhat disturbing, and it is. Jack and Dan have gotten themselves into trouble unlike, quite frankly, anything I've seen in fiction. The front end of the novel is loaded with a significant amount of exposition. It's slightly unfortunate, but Angsten does a good job of giving readers an education on Greece and its art, history, mythology, and religion. It's quite interesting, and the lessons are put to good use within the plot. Once events get going, the pace moves along at a break-neck speed. Angsten really excels at writing chapters that end on hooks so that you literally find yourself unable to put the book down. It's precisely what I'm looking for on a transcontinental flight. I waffled over whether to give this novel four or five stars. The plot, while riveting, isn't all that convoluted or complex. However, there were some pretty delightful revelations late in the game. There were ridiculous male fantasy-fulfilling sex scenes, but I can't honestly call them gratuitous. There was a deplorable lack of sea monsters, but, uh, that's my own personal bias. And I guess I can't blame the author if his characters sometimes act like idiots. In the end, a slightly generous five stars for tremendous action, pacing, and sheer outlandish fun!

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