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Mummies & Pyramids (magic Tree House Research Guide)

by Will And Ma Osborne
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
  • Publishing date: 27/02/2001
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780375802980
  • ISBN: 0375802983


How were pyramids built? Why did people make mummies? What magic charms were buried with mummies? Who discovered King Tut's tomb? Unwrap the answers to these questions and more in Magic Tree House Research Guide #3: Mummies and Pyramids, Jack and Annie's very own guide to the secrets of ancient Egypt. Includes information on hieroglyphics, how mummies were made, tomb treasures and robbers, Egyptian gods and goddesses, and much more!

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  • This is a "fantabulous" book
    From Amazon

    This book provides a lot of information about ancient Egypt. For example, I learned how ancient Egyptians lived and what they did in their everyday life. The book has a solid chapter about ancient Egyptian art. I was surprised at how many different types of art there were. Ancient Egyptians painted, weaved and made pots, statues and jars out of clay. They also made jewelry and large pots out of gold. I also learned about their burial chambers in the pyramids. They put paintings and all of their belongings in the tombs for use in their after lives. The pyramids are made of big stone blocks. Workers would move the heavy stone blocks into the shape of a pyramid. The book describes how the ancient Egyptians also built large ships and small canoes to go down the Nile River. This book is an interesting introduction to ancient Egypt. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about ancient Egypt and the pyramids.

  • I liked it alot!
    From Amazon

    This book was really fun! What I learned from this book is about the tomb robbers. And that Egypt is in Africa.
    Elizabeth 7 years old.

  • Great Book!
    From Amazon

    This was a great book. I finished it in 1 day. I thought it was the best reasearch guide you have ever written. (Steven)

  • Researchers Don't Believe Pyramids Built By Slaves
    From Amazon

    This is a very good book for children. It contains a lot of great information about Ancient Egypt. I read another review by a reader who was offended by the thought that the Pyramids weren't built by slaves. This was obviously a surprise to him but I had heard it elsewhere so it was no news to me. There were slaves in Egypt and I'm sure they were badly used in other jobs. They could have also been used to help build the pyramids, I doubt we will ever know exactly. This is a good book and no reader should pass it up over one shocked review. There's plenty of good information here and it is very interesting.

  • Who built the pyramids?
    From Amazon

    My six year old pointed out the following 'bold' statement by the authors of this book:
    "Many people think the work on the pyramids was done by slaves.
    This is not true." p.81.
    No mention of slaves!
    Revisionist thinking?
    Certainly not the book I want my children learning from.

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