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by Michael Jackson
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  • Publisher: Harmony
  • Publishing date: 13/10/2009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780307716989
  • ISBN: 0307716988


The #1 New York Times bestseller! Michael Jackson’s one and only autobiography – his life, in his words.

With original Foreword by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, a new Introduction by Motown founder Berry Gordy, and an Afterword by Michael Jackson’s editor and publisher, Shaye Areheart.

“I’ve always wanted to be able to tell stories, you know, stories that came from my soul. I’d like to sit by a fire and tell people stories – make them see pictures, make them cry and laugh, take them anywhere emotionally with something as deceptively simple as words. I’d like to tell tales to move their souls and transform them. I’ve always wanted to be able to do that. Imagine how the great writers must feel, knowing they have that power. I sometimes feel I could do it. It’s something I’d like to develop. In a way, songwriting uses the same skills, creates the emotional highs and lows, but the story is a sketch. It’s quicksilver. There are very few books written on the art of storytelling, how to grip listeners, how to get a group of people together and amuse them. No costumes, no makeup, no nothing, just you and your voice, and your powerful ability to take them anywhere, to transform their lives, if only for minutes.” –Michael Jackson, in Moonwalk

From the 1988 edition:

Megastar Michael Jackson’s singularly brilliant career and intensely private lifestyle have become a magnificent obsession for millions of rock fans and celebrity watchers throughout the world. His double-platinum singles rocket to the top of the music charts with a velocity equaled only by the inevitable accompaniment of wild rumors about his eccentric personal life. Now for the first time, Michael Jackson breaks the fiercely guarded barrier of silence that has surrounded him in a remarkably candid and courageous book — Moonwalk.

In this intimate and often moving personal account of Michael Jackson’s public and private life, he recalls a childhood that was both harsh and joyful but always formidable. Michael and his brothers played amateur music shows and seamy Chicago strip joints until Motown’s corporate image makers turned the Jackson 5 into worldwide superstars. Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 have combined sales of over 200 million albums. He talks about the happy prankster days of his youth, traveling with his brothers, and of his sometimes difficult relationships with his family over the years. He speaks candidly about the inspiration behind his music, his mesmerizing dance moves, and the compulsive drive to create that has made him one of the biggest stars in the music business and a legend in his own time. The Guinness Book of World Records lists Thriller as the biggest-selling-album of all time.

In Moonwalk, Michael Jackson shares his personal feelings about some of his most public friends…friends like Diana Ross, Berry Gordy, Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, and Katharine Hepburn. He talks openly about the crushing isolation of his fame, of his first love, of his plastic surgery, and of his wholly exceptional career and the often bizarre and unfair rumors that have surrounded it.

Illustrated with rare photographs from Jackson family albums and Michael’s personal photographic archives, as well as a drawing done by Michael exclusively for this book, Moonwalk is a memorable journey to the very heart and soul of a modern musical genius.

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    From Amazon

    I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book and it finally came on Wednesday! It is beautiful! The front and back jacket cover has half of Michael's face on it. Under the cover of the front of the book is his autograph in gold. The book itself is in black and red (Michael's favorite colors). On the inside front and back binding there are color pictures of Michaels belongings and other pictures from his albums and tours. One of the first several pages has a drawing of Michael's from 1998. Another page has his autograph, which surprizingly looks like he actually signed the book in person with a felt pen! Very creative! Inside there are many beautiful pictures of Michael, his family and friends throughout his earlier years until the late 80's era. Some of the color pictures are breath taking. I have never seen some of them before. There are also pictures in black in white that are nice as well. I am sorry to take so long to describe what the book looks like but it shows that Michael did put out junk. I believe that he wanted it to be a bold statement about who he was and the kind of work ethic that he had. I never saw the original from 1988 but I am sure that it was just as lovely. Now for the contents of the book! I am thoroughly enjoying reading about Michael from his prospective and I almost through half the book. I feel as though I am witnessing the happenings around him as he tells it as if I am there with him. It is very respectful and proper. I know now where some things about him originated from in the other books I have read. He even makes a bad experience light hearted and some ways positive. I personally believe you have to look at life that way, the good and the bad, or you will give up. It is not like those other books that sensationalize everything, but he tells the story cleanly. I have not finished the book yet and I will hate to see it end. I wish that he had written a sequel later on in his life so that we could see how he was feeling about the way that bad things that were happening to him. I guess emotionally he could not do it. It is probably for the best since he could not talk about the legal stuff. I will keep this in my vast collection of MJ keepsakes because it is a detailed and beautifully presented piece of literature. If you love MJ, you will not be disapointed. If you are a hater, looking for dirt and fabrication, then you will be. =) I urge all of MJ'S fans to PLEASE BUY IT!! It will not only be a financial boost his estate, but it will also help us to remember the kind and loving soul that he was by experiencing his life in his own words.

  • who binded these books?
    From Amazon

    I just received my book today so haven't read it, but did go through it and look at the pictures. It seems some of them were cut off in the wrong spot and the "centerfold" was not cut all the way down so I ripped a piece of it to open it only to see another picture that seemed to be cut in the wrong spot. I have plenty of pictures of him so I won't be sending it back but found it to feel thrown together without care. I'm hoping the pages are in order at least!

  • So happy they re-printed this
    From Amazon

    Being a long time fan of Michael's, I had bought this book and read it years ago when it first came out. Unfortunately, during a move a few years ago, I had given it away to a used book store. After his death, I felt terrible that I hadn't kept the book, I realized too late how precious it was and that I was foolish to get rid of it, but now I am thrilled to see that it is is out again for all of us to enjoy once more. I will be buying the new updated version and this time I will be keeping it and I will be re-reading it again as well. It was a wonderful book and a must have for any fan.

  • Beautiful book by a beautiful man!
    From Amazon

    This book is incredible! If you really want to know Michael Jackson..this will tell you what you need to know.

  • Great book!
    From Amazon

    I think it is fascinating to read about Michael during this time of his life. You get to hear what his childhood was like, but not the vast details we would learn later. Still it shows Michael was a person just like the rest of us, with thoughts, feelings and struggles. I think the thing most forgotten about Michael is that he was a person. Finally, after his passing, his daughter brought that to light when she said he was the best and cried. This was someone's dad. The book kinda feels like Michael is sitting there with you at the time of the writing, telling you his life story. It's sad he didn't do a follow-up to this book, but I can understand his mistrust with the media. Every word or action of his seemed to always be twisted because someone wants to make money ruining someone else's life. The pictures are awesome. I was given my original copy of this over ten years ago by a very close friend. It's been one of my prized possessions ever since. The condition is pretty great too. I had to buy this new version just to see the little difference and so I can put aside my old copy as a keepsake. Amazingly, after a bunch of times reading it this book maintained the quality very well. Probably because Michael always demanded quality for his fans. There are lots of concert pics and even a few private pics (thinking about a pic of Michael in front of water back in his Thriller days. He looks as normal (meaning not in concert or working) as I ever have seen him look in this pic). I especially like the pic of him embracing Diana Ross which looks like it was in the year or two before Bad (his skin was starting to lighten from Vitaligo in this pic). I really wish we could have read a follow-up to this book. I really would have liked to know more from like his Dangerous days, his marriage to Lisa Marie, how his relationships with his brothers and sisters was over the years etc. Some critics will think this is a light-weight book, but Michael does let us see a glimpse of the bad in his life. He even talked about his relationship with his dad. Michael shows even a hint of ego. I'm recalling this line by memory so don't be upset if I miss a word "I could have sued Pepsi for the accident, but I was nice about it. REAL nice." lol Looking back Pepsi should have had to pay for his scalp surgeries in the years to come. From what I hear he was never the same after the fire burned his head. Michael also had confidence problems at times due to the acne he suffered in the 70's and no doubt from the Vitaligo and Lupus that he must have known about at the time of the writing of the book. I don't find fault in his not sharing this with the world until the Opera interview. Having a disease like Vitaligo alone must be hard to deal with (I have SLE so I completely understand the Lupus part). For such a public figure to deal with something that messes up your looks must have been devastating for MJ. I'm very glad he wrote this book. After he died I got it out and read it again for like the 20th time, literally. Some lines were hauntingm especially when he talked about collapsing from a lung problem at Jermaine's house on the beach. It made me wonder if he had lung issues after that. I think I had the same thing, a pulminary embolism (blood clot in the lung which can almost kill you, I speak from exprience, think I screwed up the spelling there). I think I sensed that MJ was kinda disappointed with the Bad album. He mentioned how some of the songs were just "jams" for that time. He seemed to rush through that at the end unlike how he describes Thriller and some Jacksons albums. This book will leave you wanting more, but in a good way. Wish there was more, a squel, a diary, a book he might have saved for after his passing. I'm very satisfied with my original and the quality of the book alone lasts through the years with no yellowing of the pages or anything. The pictures hold up just as well. Check out the book cover underneath the dust jacket to see Michael's "autograph" reproduced in gold ink. The book has two sets of pics where you can unfold to show more pics on each side of the pages. Plus there are black and white pics throughout the book to go along with those nice colored pics that stand out. If you are an MJ fan this is a must-buy. I think it would be a great buy for anyone who ever was a Michael Jackson fan. You will get to know the real him a bit more and maybe understand how his life was. Rest In Peace my brother! P.S - I am a little careful with my book, but the quality is so good that even the minor "incidents" doesn't really ruin the book. If you plan on preserving the book, I have to say this is one of the best quality books and I am a huge book-reader and have ton of hardcovers, but this one held up better than any other book I have. One question - Does anyone know what an original 1998 copy of this is going for? I'm not looking to sell it, just wanted to know out of curiosity.

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