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      Mirror Image

      by Danielle Steel
      Our price: LBP 11,985 / $ 7.99Unavailable
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Dell
      • Publishing date: 02/11/1999
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780440224778
      • ISBN: 0440224772


      To look at one was to see the other. For family, even the girls' own father, it was a constant guessing game. For strangers, the surprise was overwhelming. And for the twins Olivia and Victoria Henderson, two remarkable young women coming of age at the turn of the century, their bond was mysterious, marvelous, and often playful--a secret realm only they inhabited.

      Olivia and Victoria were the beloved daughters of a man who never fully recovered from his wife's death bearing them in 1893. Shy, serious Olivia, born eleven minutes before her sister, had taken over the role of mother in their lush New York estate, managing not only a household but her rebellious twin's flights of fancy. Free-spirited Victoria wanted to change the world. She embraced the women's suffrage movement and dreamed of sailing to war-torn Europe. Then, in the girls' twenty-first year, as the first world war escalated overseas, a fateful choice changed their lives forever.

      It began when Victoria's life was about to become a public scandal. It led to a painful decision, and brought handsome lawyer Charles Dawson into the Henderson's life and family. Hand-picked by the twins' father to save his daughter's reputation, Charles was still mourning his wife's death aboard the Titanic, struggling to raise his nine year-old son alone, determined never to lose his heart again. Charles wanted to believe that, for the sake of his son, he could make an unwanted marriage work. But in an act of deception that only Olivia and Victoria could manage, the twins took an irrevocable step, which changed both their lives forever; and took one of the twins to the battlefields of France, the other into a marriage she longed for but could not have.

      From Manhattan society to the trenches of war-ravaged France, Mirror Image moves elegantly and dramatically through a rich and troubled era. With startling insight, Danielle Steel explores women's choices: between home and adventure, between the love for family and the passion for a cause, between sacrifice and desire. But at the heart of Mirror Image is a fascinating, realistic portrait of identical twins, two vastly different sisters who lead their lives and follow their destinies against a vivid backdrop of a world at war.

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      • Entertaining beginning...stalls in the middle...good ending
        From Amazon

        Like most of her work, Steel pulls the reader in with an intriguing storyline. Unfortunately, she blathers on wayyyy too long with the conflict Victoria/Olivia have with the 'switch'. She could have skipped about 200 pages in the middle of this epic. Once the twins finally do take the 'no turning back' switch it gets good again. Overall, great read, good history, well developed characters.

      • Enjoyable
        From Amazon

        I'm not the biggest Danielle Steele fan because I think a lot of her work is sappy and predictable. This is the second time that I read Mirror Image and will probably read it again. Though the story line is far fetched it is enjoyable. This book was a page turner.

      • Dot's Review
        From Amazon

        To me, this book was far too long for the plot. I became so bored just waiting for something to happen that I quit the book right in the middle; skimmed to the end to see who the killer was. The plot would have been a good one had she not drug it out so long.

      • The worst Danielle Steel book!
        From Amazon

        I have read most of Danielle steel's early 90's late 80's work, and they, in my opinion, are her best and most prolific novels.
        Not even comparing Mirror Image with those beautifully written novels, I would still give this book a 1 star-rating.

        Steel portrays the twins as a hackneyed personality split of GOODvsEVIL,in a one-dimensional characterization. The "evil" one is a selfish, spoiled brat with an empathetic scale of a psychopath, while the "good" one is vicariously living through her sister's escapades and cleaning up her messes because she is too boring and dull to create an interesting life for herself. Meanwhile, a prudish lawyer walks into their lives and falls in love with the boring one while desiring the selfish one and confuses his feelings for the two so often he marries the wrong one who loathes him in bed and out-ridiculous! Predictably the good sister says and does nothing, like the martyr that she supposedly is and yet she has no problem switching places with her sister(when the evil sister runs away and forces the good one to take her place) and sleeping with her sister's husband-too incestuous for my taste!

        In short, skip this novel it was truly ridiculous. I would recommend Zoya, The Ring, Remembrance, Palomino, To Love again, and many others of her early work.

      • Not her best...
        From Amazon

        The plot itself made me want to read this book. I found it intriguing how it revolved around a pair of beautiful twins who are identical only in appearance. The fact that Victoria had an affair with a married player causes her father to engage her to Charles. However, Olivia is obviously the one suited to him. She's the one who finds him respectful and whom adores his child. The new engagement is convenience only on both parts of the party. There is no love. Victoria marries to cover the scandal of the affair and Charles needs a mother for his child. Victoria eventually convinces Olivia to switch. She wants to go to the battlefields. Victoria sinks in a ship but later is discovered that she is actually alive. From that point on, both the twins find love. And voila, you got the plot.

        And yet, it was just so poorly written at times!(the first half anyway). There were many times where Danielle Steel kept talking about 1)how identical they looked 2)how beautiful they were 3)how Charles felt Victoria was more wild and fiesty. 4)how ppl kept staring at their remarkable beauty. It just started getting corny after a while and I found myself rolling my eyes at times. I get the point after the first 5 times...

        I love Danielle Steel's books but this one isn't as good as some of her others. For another book with almost identical plot, I suggest reading 'Deceptions' by Judith Michael.

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