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Military Misdemeanours: True Tales Of Military Mischief

by Terry Crowdy
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  • Publisher: Osprey Publishing
  • Publishing date: 18/09/2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781846031489
  • ISBN: 1846031486


Bungled cover-ups, acts of blinding incompetence, miscarriages of justice, sexual escapades and downright stupidity - the scandals which have helped to make the world's armed forces the much loved (and sometimes ridiculed) institutions they are today. Take an irreverent look at the public outcries that both governments and soldiers would rather we forget, from Julius Caesar's sex life and the frolics of Charles d'Eon, the fearless dragoon and noted transvestite to the sinking of the Kursk as Terry Crowdy delves into the darkest reaches of military sin and slip-up.
Packed with more than 60 military mishaps from ancient times to the present day, Military Misdemeanors shows that no military organization is safe from exposure. Learn the truth about Nelson and Lady Hamilton, the drafting of Heavyweight Champ Muhammad Ali, the sinking of Rainbow Warrior and satanism in the Royal Navy as we step back through the pages of history and see how corruption, bigotry, lust, vanity, incompetence and the occasional bout of insanity have colored conduct throughout time.

Contents include:
He came. He saw. He was conquered! The sexual escapades of Julius Caesar
The Infamous Lieutenant Bird A murderer in King George army - The Transvestite Knight The dragoon war hero, who preferred ladies' clothes to his uniform - The One about the Cat The man who ate a live cat to get out of the army
The Fairfax Raid The abduction of a drunk general by Mosby and his Rangers - The New York Draft Riots Caused by an unfair Civil War draft law - Surviving Custer The scandalous behaviour of Major Reno
The Mexican Connection Germany's attempt to keep the US out of WWI by getting Mexico to invade - With 'Snow' on their Boots Cocaine abuse introduced to Britain by Canadian soldiers during WWI - The Midway Leak The US newspaper's revelation that the US Navy was intercepting Japanese signals
Un-American Activities McCarthyism in the US Air Force - The U2 Scandal Gary Powers shot down by the Soviets -
Drafting Ali Muhammad Ali and the Vietnam draft
Iran Air Flight 655 The passenger jet shot down by US missile during the Iran-Iraq War - The Flying Cow The untrue story of the cow that sank a Japanese boat - The Sultan of Spin The infamous Iraqi (mis)Information Minister

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  • Delightful
    From Amazon

    A delightful read. Covers scandalous behaviour in the military from ancient times to today. I didn't find most of the old antecdotes particularly "scandalous". This is probably due to the fact they were being viewed thru the eyes of a baby boomer who grew up observing the morally bankrupt behaviour of military, political, and corporate "leaders" over the decades. I also don't have a more indepth knowledge of what was socially acceptable behaviour in past centuries so most of the "scandals" were met with a shrug. Especially when stacked up against what we see every day in the news. However I feel to be on more solid ground when speaking of more modern times. The Russian leaderships response to the Kursk incident was absolutely criminal. Twenty three souls could have been saved but for the Russian fear of being embarrassed by asking for help. The Rainbow Warrior: where no heads of significance rolled in a murder case and act of war. A lesson in whether it is better to be France's ally or enemy. The Germans could probably answer that one. I disagreed with Mr Crowdy's take on McCarthy but then again I think Attilla the Hun was a tree hugging liberal so maybe I may be a tad bit biased. But only a tad! If you are a military aficionado I recommend this book. You may shrug, you will say "Huh?" and "What the @#$% were they thinking?" and "I didn't know that". Very entertaining. Mr Crowdy if you read this...the cow story...I'm still confused, did it happen or not? I hope so, it cracked me up. No fifth star because of editing issues (in Coup, a 727 or 747). A minor, nitpicky quibble. A no win it better to be stupid or incomptent?

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