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Merriam Webster Pocket French-english Dictionary (pocket Reference Library)

by Merriam- Webster
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Merriam-Webster
  • Publishing date: 30/07/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780877795186
  • ISBN: 0877795185


New! A bilingual, bi-directional compact guide to essential French and English vocabulary. More than 40,000 entries, including coverage of Canadian French terms. English pronunciations given in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). Special sections include conjugation of French verbs.

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  • Worthless
    From Amazon

    I was hoping to have a quick reference guide to keep in my pocket when I went to Paris. This dictionary was awful. It was a 3-step process to figure out how to say something in French, and even then I wasn't sure of how to say it. There were also no lists of common phrases or questions. It was just about worthless.

  • Small and Disappearing
    From Amazon

    This French dictionary is just the size and shape I wanted, but it has two problems. One I should have expected, but the other came as a disturbing surprise. The first, expected problem is that the print is quite small, and someone with less-than-perfect eyesight or anyone in dim lighting will have trouble making out the words. The unexpected problem is that pages 291 to 354 are missing in the copy I received! That meant that I was without translations for all the English words between "indigo" and "resuscitate" in trying to make myself understood to French speakers in Quebec.

    I probably should have demanded a refund, as the flawed dictionary is nearly useless. However, given the $4.95 price of the book, it was easy to consider it a throw-away.

  • Perfect size
    From Amazon

    I would definitely recommend this dictionary as it was the perfect size to carry around while trekking all over France and yet there were very few words we tried to look up that weren't in it. The conjugation and french numbers information in the front were a handy bonus.

  • Best little French dictionary
    From Amazon

    In a size that is easy to carry in every pocket or bag, this little wonder helps check those unknown French words fast. The verb tables in the front make finding conjugations much faster than the big verb books - I save those other books for more in depth study. I own three copies, and I may buy more soon.

  • WOW
    From Amazon

    This is the smallest dictionary I've ever owned. Just over the size of an index card (and less than an inch thick) this dictionary actually deserves the term "pocket." On top of that, it actually has a surprising number of words. While you wouldn't want to use it for studying, it's good to carry around or have sitting beside you while watching or reading something for quick reference. It's become part of my normal French routine and I wouldn't trade it for another dictionary at or below this size. It's just amazing.

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