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Meditation: The First And Last Freedom: A First And Last Freedom

by Osho
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  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
  • Publishing date: 17/12/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780312336639
  • ISBN: 0312336632


Practical Meditation Handbook

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  • Meditation First and last Freedom By Osho
    From Amazon

    This book is a must read for those who seeks to quench their souls with peace, their heart with Love through meditation

  • Active Meditation techniques for today's man
    From Amazon

    This is a book for transformation. However, it is not just the reading that brings the transformation. This book describes a number of meditation techniques that have the potential of transformation.

    The new thing in this book, compared to other techniques, is the "Active Meditations", which are created by Osho for the modern man. These techniques do NOT assume that you can sit silently, "doing nothing, the spring comes, and the grass grows by itself", as Zen says. Instead they lead you into that space of silence. With Active Meditations, one can let go of a lot of things, suppressions, judgements and inhibitions, going on inside us, automatically creating a silent space within. Dynamic Meditation, one of the Active Meditations, is a strong cathartic, meditative and bio-energtic technique, involving breathing, catharsis, and much more. Many active techniques have spontaneous dance as a step.

    Besides active techniques, it also describes a lot of other traditional methods, including Vipassana, some of them taken from traditional Indian sutras.

    And these words come from an enlightened master, one who knows and understands what's going on within man and what needs to be done. Of course, a master does not speak or convince like other people.

    If you are just looking for an intellectual and philosophical understanding of meditation, which is actually impossible, this book is not for you. But if you are looking for a more healthy way of life, or a transformation, and are ready to spend some time trying the techniques, and not just reading the book, this book is a must have :-)

    Osho said that Dynamic Mediation is "... absolutely necessary for the modern man ... If people are innocent there is no need for Dynamic Meditation. But if people are repressed, psychologically are carrying a lot of burden, then they need catharsis. So Dynamic Meditation is just to help them clean the place. And then they can use any method ... It will not be difficult. If they, right now, directly try, they will fail"

    Before buying, if you want to know about Active Meditation, see [...]

  • Most precious book on Earth
    From Amazon

    I will say this is the book of books. This book has defined religion in terms of science. This book is a practical book of religion. No belief is needed. Just courage is needed to explore the science of religion. When i saw the editorial review , i was a bit hesitant to read the book. But thank God, i was able to see the book myself and taste the Gem in my hand.

  • Great Introductory Work
    From Amazon

    The book, Meditation, is a good introduction both to meditation and to Osho's works in digital, print, audio and video formats.

    Having already read and admired The Book of Secrets (112 ancient meditation techniques with commentary by Osho), I can say that The Book of Secrets may be difficult for some without some background reading, and the book Meditation is the right place to begin before reading and studying The Book of Secrets.

    The book, Meditation, includes the modern active techniques by Osho as well as other materials to provide a thorough overview for the beginner, re-beginner and long-time meditator. Peace.

  • the book that began my life
    From Amazon

    a few weeks ago i just happened to be looking for a book to tell me something about meditation. this was the first one i grabbed off the shelf, and the moment i started to read the back cover i could feel this was the one for me. osho presents methods that are imediately inpacting and easy to understand. he speaks in a language of feeling that everyone can understand. i'm still shocked that whenever i read through a few sentences in this book i'll find myself getting tears in my eyes because i know this is what it's all about. finally acknowledgement. finally appreciation. and it turns out we had it all along

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