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Manga Mania Shoujo

by Christopher Hart
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Watson-Guptill
  • Publishing date: 01/05/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780823029730
  • ISBN: 0823029735


Shoujo manga is one of the most popular styles of Japanese animation, featuring the most recognizable characters in manga-seen everywhere in comics, books, toys, television, film, and video. Since shoujo is based on stories that focus on peer pressure, romance, and friendship, it initially appealed to young females, but today more and more boys are attracted to this genre, which inevitably includes young male heroes. Best-selling author Christopher Hart once again reveals the secrets and techniques that go into building all the basics of the shoujo style-the big eyes, the miniscule noses, and the cute or angst-ridden expressions. Teen body language is explored. In addition, artists learn to draw teen clothing styles and also different character types, from school kids and cuddly creatures and cute pets to heartthrobs.

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  • Excellent Book for Learning this Art Form
    From Amazon

    We bought this book for our 9 year old daughter a year ago and she attacked it studiously. It was an *excellent* instructional manual for her. I was amazed at the improvement in her art almost immediately. One year later, her artwork is really fantastic and she does wonderful art in the Shoujo style. She has a thorough grasp of things like perspective, shading, and motion, all of which she learned through the instruction in this particular book. This book would be a great place to start for anyone [high school reading level and up] who wants to learn this lovely style of art. It is very thorough and complete and produces *real* results very quickly.

  • Not worth buying
    From Amazon

    I do not recommend this book, even for children, because it will only discourage them and frustrate them. The images look like they were done by a child, proportions are often off and miscalculated, the line which are extremely important in manga/anime, look horrible, and the explanations are not thorough. You are basically told "copy this drawing" ratter then being though proper technics to be able to draw what you might want to draw. In short, this book was made by someone who knows very little about manga and anime style. For adults, i would recommend the 'how to draw manga' Series. There are numerous books covering just about any subject you may need help on, the art's quality is that of professionals, and the technics to drawing mangas are actually there. I recommend it to serious younger artists, too, with a slight warning as some subjects may contain some more mature content then others.

  • Manga Book is Great!
    From Amazon

    My 14-year-old loves to draw Manga, and after checking out every book at the library, I had her pick one to buy. After searching for awhile, she chose this one and loves it. I looked through it, and it is modest, cute, and very conservative in the drawing, which I was thankful for. Great buy; she has spent hours drawing with it!

    From Amazon

    While this book was quite helpful in my case, I suspect that it would not be suitable for the absolute beginner. A bit of expierence is probably needed to glean the full benefits of this work. Now that being said, I feel there is a great amount that can be learned from this books. As with all of Christopher Hart's book, it is quite detailed and their is an abundance of text to go along with the actual drawing and coloring. The techniques Hart illustrates actually work. I like to work on individual aspects of figures, isolating different areas such as eyes, mouth, nose, etc. This works well for me and with this work, the author has given us plenty of information. No one book can do it all and the serious student of this art form will want many. This is just another valuable work to add to your collection. I find that young folk, in particular, like this one and actually do quite well with it. I do highly recommend this one.

  • ehh
    From Amazon

    I book this book as a set with another one thinking i would use it. But after going threw it a few times haven't used it or cracked it open since. It's just about glamorizing you drawings up. Not very informative.

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