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Occult And Horror: How To Draw The Elegant And Seductive Characters Of The Dark

by Christopher Hart
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Watson-Guptill
  • Publishing date: 13/11/2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780823014224
  • ISBN: 0823014223


Manga occult and horror are just under the radar of American pop culture--until you visit the graphic novels section of any bookstore. That’s when you enter a strange, mysterious universe of elegant occult and horror stories, packed with amazing artwork from the best illustrators Japan has to offer. Subtle and compelling, Japanese occult and horror manga melds the two genres into one, so that glamorous occult-world vampires may mingle in the horror-world of beasts, and dark angels might visit a cave filled with monsters to reveal a deadly secret. Manga Mania: Occult and Horror is the first American tutorial on this most alluring and complex genre. With his popular step-by-by step drawings and clear text, best-selling author Christopher Hart shows exactly how to draw wizards, demon children, vampires, card readers, dragon worshipers, and many more denizens of the hidden places between darkness and light.

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  • Fantastic!
    From Amazon

    This books is truly spectacular. So much detail is provided not only in teaching you how to draw in this style, but also how to reflect your own style together with it. This is definitely my new favorite book! :)

  • Superb Manga drawing techniques
    From Amazon

    Christopher Hart never disappoints! He can teach the most raw beginner so much about drawing. He concentrates on showing how to draw different styles for different Manga characters.

  • Love this book already, but don't know if it's very useful
    From Amazon

    This is a wonderful book. I have just bought it, and I just love all the beautiful pictures in it and I especially love the chapter on victorian fashion, since it's hard to get a book that really gives you exactly that gothic-style you're looking for. However, I'm not sure if this book will actually teach me how to draw. By copying the pictures, yes, maybe. But learning that way, I could probably learn a lot more from a book with actual fotographs of people and places, or something...anyway, to me, I think this book will mostly just be an inspiration, and a lot of nice pictures to look at. Which is not a bad thing. But it might not be what someone is looking for.

  • Mr. Hart does it again!
    From Amazon

    I was so impressed with Mr. Hart's faery books that I had to pick this up and I am even more impressed with this book. The drawings are stunning and the instruction is clear and easy to follow, which allows you to get good results in a fairly short amount of time. What really makes this book useful is the different sections he has broken the drawings into. Learning to draw a really cool vamipire is one thing, but can you draw him in profile? In Victorian clothing? Can you draw his hands? What about color? Mr. Hart tackles all of these subjects and takes you through them one at a time. A little drawing experiance is helpful, but not really necessary as everything is broken down into shapes and he shows you how to fill in the details. This is a great book for anyone, kids or adults who want to learn to draw.

  • Incredible - Creative - Excellent Tutorial
    From Amazon

    Highly recommended! Chris, your art is fantastic! The step by step tutorials are excellent and easy to understand. We bought this as a gift but will be back on site today to order more of your books for our daughter who was blown away by your talent in both art and teaching!

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