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Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds: How To Draw The Enchanted Worlds Of Japanese Comics

by Christopher Hart
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Watson-Guptill
  • Publishing date: 01/09/2003
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780823029723
  • ISBN: 0823029727


Manga fantasy is the swords-and-sorcery Japanese animation style featured in the most popular video role-playing games on the market. Best-selling author Christopher Hart's latest tutorial reveals the secrets and techniques that go into building these worlds of wonder. An increasingly fashionable style among both digital and traditional animators, manga enjoys unrivaled popularity among the game players themselves, allowing them entry into fabled worlds of startling beauty, terror, and adventure. Manga Mania Fantasy Worlds throws down the gauntlet for people interested in creating these scenes for themselves. Artists will learn how to illustrate detailed backdrops and landscapes, rugged weaponry, and, of course, fearsome creatures-aliens, faeries, ogres, and much more. In the straightforward style that is his trademark, Christopher Hart teaches the basics and the intricacies of creating manga fantasy illustrations that practically jump off the page.

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  • Another Collection of the Work of Christopher Hart
    From Amazon

    "M.M. Fantasy Worlds" displays hundreds of illustrations by Christopher Hart, and is a good showcase for his approach to Manga. I agree with the reviewer who identified his style as westernized, although this shouldn't discourage a Hart fan. I don't think that this book lives up to the claim, "HOW TO DRAW THE AMAZING WORLDS OF JAPANESE COMICS" that appears on the cover. Mr. Hart pays ample attention to the steps in creating a selection of character types in his style, but relatively little to the worlds that these characters exist in. That's not to say that his drawings aren't fun to view, and even to study. For example, on page 44 he points out the on-off switch in a medievaloid dungeon's torture device. The astute reader will also find anachronistic lighting fixtures in that illustration. The point being made is that mix-and-match technologies and architectural styles are creative opportunities. However, Mr. Hart seems to offer his opinions as generally accepted principles. On page 65, he says "Faeries have wings and elves don't. Faeries also may have antennae, whereas elves never do. And, faeries can be very tiny in size, while elves, ... are not so tiny that they can be held in the palm of the hand...." Without going into the 19th century's effect on western culture and the stature of elves, I've got to point out that making undersized elves isn't a universal principle: and probably isn't in the free-wheeling world of Manga. To end on a positive note, Christopher Hart's Manga world is a charming place. The wildly improbable castle and tributary town on page 42 still helps lift my spirits, when I remember how much I paid for the book.

    From Amazon


  • I really like this book
    From Amazon

    Christopher Hart's book manga mania fantasy worlds is awsome! The book has alot of characters for different genres that would be helpful in giving your characters a special ability and a sense of personality with each power/ability. I love how the book has difference in each race, and gives you a variety of worlds. This book is a must have for those seeking to create a manga in a certain genre background and for ideas of what kind of race they would want their character to be.

  • Not All Its Said To Be..
    From Amazon

    Quiet honestly the one thing that makes Chrisopher Hart's books on Anime and Manga "less" than others is the fact that he isn't very good at it. Oh, he makes some good points, especially when comparing American comic drawing with manga style drawing, but there are better books out there. If this is all that is available then you won't be to dissapointed in buying it, but being as they are usually around $20 (at least where I am) then you might want to get your moneys worth and stick around for one of Hikaru Hayashi's many How to Draw Manga books as they are usually more detailed and better drawn.

  • Very Nice Artworks but somewhat Westernized.
    From Amazon

    I had mixed reviews about this book, but I had to admit that the reason why I bought this book was because of his fantastic cover art. :) First of all, there’re some really good references on the fantasy, science fiction and medieval world. For example, you can find knights, faeries, monsters, dragons and even aliens in the book. Plus, topics on evolving medieval weapons, differences between elves and faeries, special effects and even the turnaround section (which tells you how a person looks like when “turned around) are covered. There’s also a section telling you what’s a weak and dynamic drawing looks like, which helps if you’re interested in honing your manga-drawing craft. Another great section I would like to point out is the “Castle” section. The book also covers some different places within the castle, such as the dungeon and drawbridge, and I find this really helpful when drawing the inside of the castle. Unfortunately, there are only one example for most creature, beast or place, which can be rather limiting if you’re trying to draw the same creature in a different way. However, I think this is where your imagination will come in. Also, I noticed that some of the artworks have a certain “American” style (instead of Japanese) to it, but many of the artworks are very nice and attractive. For the serious mangaka-wannabe though, you are better off getting more “technical” & "Japanese style" books such as the “How to Draw Manga” Series, but overall, this book will make a great reference or resource book for people interested in fantasy and drawing cartoon/manga.

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