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Manga Mania Bishoujo: How To Draw The Alluring Women Of Japanese Comics

by Christopher Hart
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Watson-Guptill
  • Publishing date: 01/07/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780823029754
  • ISBN: 0823029751


Rebel leaders. Feisty, headstron teenagers. Sophisticated spies. Magical elf queens. Fighter pilots. Awe-inspiring goddesses. Anyone who wants to draw manga (Japanese comics-style art) must be able to draw these powerful women of fantasy—and everyone wants to draw manga. With Christopher Hart’s clear, step-by-step drawings and dynamice, easy-to-follow text, Manga Mnaia Bishoujo shows aspiring artists exactly how to handle anatomy and muscles, hands and nails, seductive outfits, extreme hairstyles, body language, and facial expressions—everything to make manga women will strike fear in the hearts of the enemy…and inspire love in the heart of the hero.

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  • Good Pictures, Good for Drawing
    From Amazon

    I will make this short and sweet. If you want to draw Manga characters, and you mostly like to draw women, then this book is perfect for you. If you are an artist/good drawer and want to learn how to draw Magna characters, this is good for you. If you are a total beginner, then I would get another book as there are not many step by step pics.

  • Buy this Book.
    From Amazon

    So you're interested in learning to draw those awesome beauties so common in anime and manga but can't find a local master to teach you. Flying to Japan or Korea is out of the question as well, so what do you do? One option is to purchase nifty "How to" books from sites like Unfortunately, you won't have any idea of how good the book is until you open that package from the shipper. The quality of any genre of art book varies widely. Some assume much more skill than the average Otaku can manifest on a good day. Even a good book art book is of limited value if it's not the right book for the individual aspiring artist. Fear not. Having purchased a number of books on the topic I feel qualified to recommend MANGA MANIA: Bishoujo by Christopher Hart. From the very first page you will be lead through the process of creating beautiful, alluring female figures with little more than basic art tools and modest talent. Christopher Hart avoids the temptation to show off his own artistic talent while talking down to the reader/student. Instead, he walks you through the process of character design. With clear, step-by-step illustrations you see the character come alive. You deal with not only eye placement but expression. The famous eyeshine and shadowing details also come into play as you decide which technique appeals to you most. Along the way, the author imparts history and cultural influences that have shaped the manga culture we know today. You might go on to buy other Manga art books afterwards to refine and define your style. But start with this one.

  • Manga Mania Bishoujo
    From Amazon

    Christopher Hart once again delivers wonderful instructions for the begining and advanced artist who wish to polish their craft. Drawing beautiful Manga characters is hard, but this book breaks down the eliments of the manga female so that she is more easy to understand.

  • a good book for under 18
    From Amazon

    if you what to draw female but do not what the nude in your book this is a good book most manga books are R rate this one is pg-13 at the most

  • manga mania bishoujo
    From Amazon

    This book came with another one that I ordered. It's another great book to have.

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