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Lone Eagle

by Danielle Steel
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  • Publisher: Dell
  • Publishing date: 29/01/2002
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780440236665
  • ISBN: 0440236665


Danielle Steel's fifty-first bestselling novel tells the story of an extraordinary man, the woman who loved him, and a bond so powerful it could never be broken. It is about finding the courage to let someone you love fly free....

The phone call came on a snowy December afternoon. Kate was certain it was Joe, the brilliant, visionary man who had been her soulmate, her driving force since the night they met, almost thirty-four years before. What she got was the one call she had never wanted, and didn't expect.

As the snow continued to fall, Kate's mind drifted back, to the moment when she and Joe first met. She had been just seventeen and he was young, powerful, dazzling, and different from any man she'd ever known.

It was just days before Christmas, 1940. The war is raging in Europe when Kate Jamison makes her debut in New York City. In a room filled with the scions of East Coast society and the leading political figures of the day, it is Joe Allbright who catches Kate's eye.

At twenty-nine, Joe is the brilliant protege of Charles Lindbergh, and already a legend in flying circles for his record-breaking speed and state-of-the-art airplane designs. All Kate sees is a tall, strikingly handsome man who seems at once awkward and larger-than-life, like a shining star -- just out of reach. Joe, too, is caught off balance by his response to Kate, seeing in this beautiful young woman vitality and youth, the lifelong soulmate he never expected to find.

As the months pass, they will meet again, forging a bond that will set the course of both their lives. Kate will go off to study at Radcliffe. Joe will skyrocket to fame in modern aviation. Joe's planes are his life, his passion. But irresistibly drawn to her, like moth to flame, he always comes back to Kate. Even after the long, dark years of World War II, when Kate was sure she had finally lost him completely, Joe returns.

Never willing to stay, always needing to fly away. As planes are for him, Joe is the passion in her life.

When the war is over, at twenty-four Kate wants marriage and a family. Joe wants the world, his limitless horizons, and the unique aviation empire he is building. Unwilling to wait any longer, Kate moves on with her life. But when a chance encounter brings them together again, the time has finally come to make a choice, one that will have profound consequences for them both for the rest of their lives.

Against a vivid backdrop of war and thrilling innovation, Danielle Steel breathes life into history, weaving an intensely human story that spans three decades, of two intensely different people who, in spite of themselves, are irrevocably woven into the fabric of each other's lives.

With rare insight and emotional power, she brings to life a tale of unconditional love, sacrifice, and compromise--the joining of two remarkable halves into a single, far more powerful whole. It is a novel of extraordinary grace and compassion from a master storyteller, perhaps the best story she has told.

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  • Read another DS book
    From Amazon

    There are too many Danielle Steel books to read, don't bother with this one. It was was good but you will hate the male main character, Joe. Joe is the most selfish, arrogant man. You pray that Kate gives him the boot. If only she did then we'd get to watch Joe cry over losing her once again. He wants her, he doesn't want her. Then she moves on and is fine and he doesn't like that so he wants her again. Unfortunately, she keeps taking him back. This book only proves your mother is usually right (as much as daughters hate to admit it) They usually know what is best for us but it's not clear to us until later.

  • Don't waste your money with this one
    From Amazon

    This is the worst novel I have ever read by Danielle Steel. If you enjoy spineless female characters and emotionally abusive, childish men then you may like this story. I only kept reading because I was hoping it would get better; unfortunately, it only got worse. I didn't even finish the last chapter. I skimmed it, hoping (in vain) that Kate would come to her senses. Instead, she continues to pine after a man who has admitted over and over again that she will never come first in his life. I have no idea what Danielle Steel was thinking with this one. I think I'll stick to her earlier works and toss this one in the trash.

  • Repetitive & wishy-washy
    From Amazon

    At first, I thought I was crazy when I couldn't get into this book, but found that others felt similarly. I couldn't get into it! Danielle Steele described the characters' feelings with the same words & emotions throughout the entire novel! All it seemed like was that Kate aged biologically, but not emotionally. At one point in the story, I was getting really annoyed at her for sounding like a nagging wife (though her concerns seemed semi-legit). Don't we have enough "nagging wives" across America? I really couldn't like Joe the way I could "like" other characters from Ms. Steele's other novels, probably because he admitted first and foremost that airplanes were his first true love. Yes, there are many men like that out there, but Danielle Steele novels are supposed to be an escape - and aren't supposed to be thinly veiled portrait of some man we all knew...

  • unusual but lovely romantic novel
    From Amazon

    I recommend everyone to read this book. It will have you gasping for air when you close the book because you want to know whats next. I love it and you will to.

  • Lone Eagle
    From Amazon

    Another great story by Danielle Steel... This time she writes a passionate love story between a pilot and a young girl. Joe is a handsome and successful pilot and businessman. He meets Kate when she is 17 years old and still in college. Even though her mother disapproves, she begins to date Joe and falls in love. They begin to live together, but eventually Kate finds out that he does not want to get married or have children. She decides to end the relationship and marry her good friend Andy, who is a stable and loving husband.

    Kate soon discovers that she cannot forget Joe. Even though she is married with a child now, she realizes that she is still in love with him and will always be. Fate brings them together again one day in New York City and their lives are changed forever.

    A powerful love story filled with all the sole searching and passion that makes live meaningful!

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