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Lions At Lunchtime (magic Tree House 11, Paper)

by Mary Pope Osborne
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
  • Publishing date: 12/01/1998
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780679883401
  • ISBN: 0679883401


Jack and Annie are whisked off to the vast plains of Africa, where they must solve Morgan le Fay's third magical riddle. But that's only the beginning! Once the riddle is solved, they still have to get past a pride of lions, a humongous herd of rampaging wildebeests, and one very hungry Masai warrior.

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  • Fantastic series!
    From Amazon

    My four year old son is in love with this chapter series! A friend suggested it to us since he seemed ready for a more advanced reading material at bedtime. My husband reads him a chapter every night...sometimes more because they don't want to stop. It's become a great tradition for them, and something they both look forward to. We love that there are so many in the collection! Start with number 1 and just continue. :)

  • Elizabeth's Review
    From Amazon

    I'm seven years old. I like this book because Jack is my brother's name. Annie is the little sister and so am I. The book was cool because when they went to Africa they saw zebras and giraffes. The part when Annie found a bird and followed it in to a forest. That was boring. I recommend this book for kids and grownups. They teach you stuff about the books. I learned many things about any books of Jack and Annie Magic Tree House. I would have to say Jack and Annie are one of the best books I have read. Like the part when Annie got stuck in sticky mud. An elephant came by and squirted water and washed Annie. It felt like a hard shower. I wonder if the water was cold. The End.
    --By Elizabeth

    From Amazon

    My 1st grader hates to put it down, he would rather read Magic Tree House books, than play video games. He even reads them to his class and explains the story for show and tell. In his kindergarten class the teacher would also let him read the Magic Tree House books out loud, not to give her a break, but to promote reading out loud. Great books!

  • Lions are not very Sweet Before Lunchtime
    From Amazon

    The book Lions at Lunchtime is a great book for little kids about the age of six, seven and eight. The book sent me into a magical land. I imagined that I was in the land with the characters. The book is about a boy and a girl who have a magical task to find out a riddle. They travel in the magic tree house that is owned by a librarian named Morgan. The author of this book, Mary Pope Osbornmade a series of Magic Tree House.

  • Lions At Lunchtime
    From Amazon

    Jack and Annie go in there majic tree house they look for a book. Once they find a book they say ''I WISH WE COULD GO THERE''.
    Annie and Jake find a book called ''THE PLANS OF AFRICA''. After they say ''I WISH I COULDGO THERE'' they found no lions at first. Well they find any lions? If they do what well happen? Instead they found a hyena,a elephant,a warrior, and a hony guidi/bride.
    Do Jake and Annie serive if they find any lions? If Jake and Annie make it what well they have for lunch? Find out in ''lions at lunchtime.
    By:Greggory Styles

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