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Lilith's Cave: Jewish Tales Of The Supernatural

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  • Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
  • Publishing date: 12/12/1991
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780195067262
  • ISBN: 0195067266


Once upon a time in the city of Tunis, a flirtatious young girl was drawn into Lilith's dangerous web by glancing repeatedly at herself in the mirror. It seems that a demon daughter of the legendary Lilith had made her home in the mirror and would soon completely possess the unsuspecting girl. Such tales of terror and the supernaturual occupy an honored position in the Jewish folkloric tradition.

Howard Schwartz has superbly translated and retold fifty of the best of these folktales, now collected into one volume for the first time. Gathered from countless sources ranging from the ancient Middle East to twelfth-century Germany and later Eastern European oral tradition, these captivating stories include Jewish variants of the Pandora and Persephone myths and of such famous folktales as "The Fisherman and His Wife," "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," and "Bluebeard," as well as several tales from the Middle Ages that have never before been published.

Focusing on crucial turning points in life--birth, marriage, and death--the tales feature wandering spirits, marriage with demons, werewolves, speaking heads, possession by dybbuks (souls of the dead who enter the bodies of the living), and every other kind of supernatural adversary. Readers will encounter a carpenter who is haunted when he makes a violin from the wood of a coffin; a wife who saves herself from the demoness her husband has inadvertently married by agreeing to share him for an hour each day; and the age-old tale of Lilith, Adam's first wife, who refused to submit to him and instead banished herself from the Garden of Eden to give birth to the demons of the world.

Drawn from Rabbinic sources, medieval Jewish folklore, Hasidic texts, and oral tradition, these stories will equally entrance readers of Jewish literature and those with an affection for fantasy and the supernatural.

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  • Wrath of the Goddess
    From Amazon

    This book is a waste of precious resources, time, and money since a mind is a terrible thing to waste besides your money I do NOT recommend this book. I found it boring, trivial, stupid and mundane but am happy that there's the ability to preview this SEXIST blasphemous collection of worthless jewish folktales before purchasing such trash...AmeriKans As Marilyn sings it "turning literature into litter"!!!

  • Mentioned on Youtube com under "Jewish Satanism" Oprah
    From Amazon

    Vicki, a Jewish survivor of Satanic Ritual Abuse told Oprah that she read this book and found similarities between the Jewish myths and the culture of the Satanic abuse that she suffered. Does this mean that her Satanic Jewish family simply added a little Jewish culture to their Satanic rituals? Or do they practice a specifically Jewish brand of Satanism? Vicki said that her family's genealogy noted active Satanism for many generations. Wierd

  • so good!
    From Amazon

    scary stories! creative and archetypical. mostly about demons and stuff. AWESOME! this is the best folklore ever!

  • Top-notch! Entertaining but also with educational value
    From Amazon

    This an absolute delight of a book, with stories that will entertain adults and children alike. A number of the tales focus on Lilith, but there are also a good collection of other supernatural beasties here. Howard Schwartz is a first-rate scholar and even provides footnotes and background on the stories he presents. The information on the history of Lilith here sticks to proven facts instead of farfetched speculation and outright errors and fantasies most other books on the subject are filled with. I highly recommend this collection and Schwartz's other books of fairy tales as well.

  • Wonderful folktales
    From Amazon

    This is an excellent book of supernatural Jewish folktales. It's very well written. I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in Judaism, mythology, storytelling or the occult.

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