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Light On Life: The Yoga Journey To Wholeness, Inner Peace, And Ultimate Freedom

by B.K.S. Iyengar
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  • Publisher: Rodale Books
  • Publishing date: 19/09/2006
  • Language: Français
  • ISBN-13: 9781594865244
  • ISBN: 1594865248


If this book is to lay any claim to authenticity, it must make one point clear above all others. It is this: By persistent and sustained practice, anyone and everyone can make the yoga journey and reach the goal of illumination and freedom. Krishna, Buddha, and Jesus lie in the hearts of all. They are not film stars, mere idols of adulation. They are great inspirational figures whose example is there to be followed. They act as our role models today. Just as they reached Self-Realization, so may we.

Many of you may worry that you are unable to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I want to assure you that you can. I am a man who started from nowhere; I was heavily disadvantaged in many ways. After much time and effort, I began to reach somewhere. I literally emerged from darkness to light, from mortal sickness to health, from crude ignorance to immersion in the ocean of knowledge by one means alone, namely by zealous persistence in the art and science of yoga practice (sadhana). What held good for me will hold good for you too. Today you also have the benefit of many gifted yoga teachers.

When I began yoga, there was, I am sorry to say, no wise, kind teacher to lead me. In fact my own Guru refused to answer any of my innocent inquiries on yoga. He did not instruct me as I do my students, offering them step-by-step guidance in an asana. He would simply demand a posture and leave it to me or his other students to figure out how it could be realized. Perhaps that stimulated some stubborn aspect of my nature, which allied to unshakable faith in the subject of yoga made me burn to go on. I am ardent and passionate, and maybe I needed to show the world that I was not worthless. But far more than that, I wanted to find out who I was. I wanted to understand this mysterious and marvelous "yoga," which could reveal to us our innermost secrets, as equally as it revealed those of the universe around us and our place in it as joyful, suffering, puzzled human beings. Download entire preface in .pdf format here.

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  • clear statements on basic issues
    From Amazon

    This book has managed to clarify me basic rules and concepts of yoga like no other. I regard it the best choice for beginners, as well as for people who have been questioning things about this vast topic that is called yoga.

  • Great for serious yogis
    From Amazon

    Very spiritually deep & honest book. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the aspects of yoga that go beyond the asanas (poses).

  • BKS Iyengar - Light on Life - The Yoga Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace, and Ultimate Freedom
    From Amazon

    I first borrowed this book from a friend. After reading a few pages I knew I had to have it in my library. I feel this is one of the finest books that gives the 'theory' of the yogic lifestyle. This book explains everything one needs to know about yoga. It is more about the journey to finding oneself through the yogic lifestyle. It is not about exercise as Yoga is not exercise. Yoga is the path as the title of the book states - It is the journey to wholeness, inner peace and ultimate freedom. Fortunately I was able to meet the master - BKS Iyengar in 2009. I feel honored to have found this wonderful avenue at the age of 67. I only wish I had found it much earlier. Then I would be a much healthier person...yet, I can now begin healing and rejuvenating my body. Thanks to a great master!

  • Yoga at next level - phsical to mental to spiritual
    From Amazon

    BKS Iyengar needs no introduction. If you need a book on yoga for physical health you should get his book light on yoga. Perhaps that best in that category. This book is explain the spiritual concepts on yoga in a pretty logical way. The spiritual side of yoga is so complex for westerners and equally for Indians and this book I'm sure will help thousands of people getting better understanding of yoga. Another book I'd recommend, which compliments this one is Mylife Framework: A Model For A Successful Life Based On The Yoga Principles by Sunil Sheoran. In fact I found mylife framework more useful, it takes the spiritual aspects to show how to structure one's life. Light on life has more detail on explaining the concepts though. Both these books are not a casual read, be ready for some serious introspection.

  • A Truly Spiritual Reading
    From Amazon

    I cannot think of another book, except the Bible itself, which is so spiritually profound and touching. There were many instances when I felt compelled to write down certain thoughts - the words were so well chosen and so true. The book starts slow, and I was on the verge of putting it aside, thinking that Iyengar may be a great yoga practitioner, but not a great writer. Soon, however, the narrative won me over. I can only describe this book as magic. If you like reading philosophy, this one is definitely for you. Unlike Western philosophy books, it is very practical and to the point. There are some things I could not understand, but what I did understand was beautiful and true. It provided a fresh perspective, and a motivation to change.

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