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Lidia's Italy: 140 Simple And Delicious Recipes From The Ten Places In Italy Lidia Loves Most

by Lidia Matticchio Bastianich, Tanya Bastianich Manuali
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  • Publisher: Knopf
  • Publishing date: 10/04/2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781400040360
  • ISBN: 1400040361


In this exciting new book the incomparable Lidia takes us on a gastronomic journey—from Piemonte to Puglia—exploring ten different regions that have informed her cooking and helped to make her the fabulous cook that she is today. In addition, her daughter Tanya, an art historian, guides us to some of the nearby cultural treasures that enrich the pursuit of good food.

· In Istria, now part of Croatia, where Lidia grew up, she forages again for wild asparagus, using it in a delicious soup and a frittata; Sauerkraut with Pork and Roast Goose with Mlinzi reflect the region’s Middle European influences; and buzara, an old mariner’s stew, draws on fish from the nearby sea.

· From Trieste, Lidia gives seafood from the Adriatic, Viennese-style breaded veal cutlets and Beef Goulash, and Sacher Torte and Apple Strudel.

· From Friuli, where cows graze on the rich tableland, comes Montasio cheese to make fricos; the corn fields yield polenta for Velvety Cornmeal-Spinach Soup.

· In Padova and Treviso rice reigns supreme, and Lidia discovers hearty soups and risottos that highlight local flavors.

· In Piemonte, the robust Barolo wine distinguishes a fork-tender stufato of beef; local white truffles with scrambled eggs is “heaven on a plate”; and a bagna cauda serves as a dip for local vegetables, including prized cardoons.

· In Maremma, where hunting and foraging are a way of life, earthy foods are mainstays, such as slow-cooked rabbit sauce for pasta or gnocchi and boar tenderloin with prune-apple Sauce, with Galloping Figs for dessert.

· In Rome Lidia revels in the fresh artichokes and fennel she finds in the Campo dei Fiori and brings back nine different ways of preparing them.

· In Naples she gathers unusual seafood recipes and a special way of making limoncello-soaked cakes.

· From Sicily’s Palermo she brings back panelle, the delicious fried chickpea snack; a caponata of stewed summer vegetables; and the elegant Cannoli Napoleon.

· In Puglia, at Italy’s heel, where durum wheat grows at its best, she makes some of the region’s glorious pasta dishes and re-creates a splendid focaccia from Altamura.

There are 140 delectable recipes to be found as you make this journey with Lidia. And along the way, with Tanya to guide you, you’ll stop to admire Raphael’s fresco Triumph of Galatea, a short walk from the market in Rome; the two enchanting women in the Palazzo Abbatellis in Palermo; and the Roman ruins in Friuli, among many other delights. There’s something for everyone in this rich and satisfying book that will open up new horizons even to the most seasoned lover of Italy.

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  • A history lesson within a cookbook
    From Amazon

    This book is like a "mini history lesson" about SOME (not all) regions in Italy. And also, this is a cookbook about some of the interesting regional foods mentioned in each Chapter.

    Lidia and her daughter Tanya took a tour of some of their favorite regions in Italy (not ALL regions,but SOME regions), for example: Piedmont, Romagna, etc...

    Then, Lidia and Tanya wrote this book by describing each of the Italian regions visited, broken down into Chapters. Also, at the end of each Chapter (and there are 10 chapters) Tanya ,who has a PHD from Oxford, added her own personal take on the visits to each region, by sub-categorizing many of the "sights" worth visiting.

    Along with the mini history lessons throughout this book, there are many recipes that Lidia has developed, or recipes that Lidia has discovered during her Italian travels.

    I think this is a very "different" Italian cookbook, and not your average Italian cookbook seen in most bookstores. Therefore, if you collect a variety of cookbooks (not only Italian cookbooks, but multi-national cookbooks in general) then this book could be a very nice addition to your library.

    Many of he recipes would be difficult to reproduce because of "difficulty" levels. To me, some of the recipes did not seem "simple" as stated in the title.

    It seems to me that most of the recipes are not for an average or beginner cook. Also, since many of the recipes come from obscure towns that have their own "flavors", I would say that many of the recipes may not appeal to the average taste buds. For example, here are a few recipes that are either too difficult to reproduce by a novice, and/or recipes that would entail an acquired taste:

    ~~Farro with Tuna and Tomatoes, p.333
    ~~Anchovy Garlic Dip,p.141
    ~~Pasta with Anchiovi-Onion Sauce,p.108
    ~~Tiella filling of Octopus with Garlic and Oil, p. 250
    ~~Filet of Wild Boar with Prunes and Apples,p.193
    ~~Cooked Duck Sugo with Pasta,p.183

    On the other hand, there are a few recipes that COULD be duplicated and enjoyed...(although,some of these recipes are quite "common" and are often included in most Italian cookbooks):

    ~~Water Soup, p. p.168
    ~~Asparagus and Rice, p. 11
    ~~Peaches with Almond Crust, p. 118-119
    ~~Tiramisu Limoncello,p. 120
    ~~Chicken Cacciatore,p.301
    ~~Beef Braised in Peppercorns, p. 195
    ~~Braised Pork Chops with Savoy Cabbage, p. 83

    The last thing I should mention is that I would have loved to have seen more photos of the recipes,and especially those recipes that are very unusual.

    All in all,though, I give this book 4 stars because of it's novelty and because of the interesting mini-history lessons scattered throughout.

  • Beautiful eating
    From Amazon

    Lidia is my favorite cook. The photographs in this cookbook are
    breath-taking. As usual, the recipes look wonderful. I look
    forward to trying as many as I can. Lidia's recipes are never
    too complicated. Reading this book is "mouth watering" throughout.

  • You've just gotta love it
    From Amazon

    This book is a wonderful resource for Americans interested in cooking authentic Italian food. Organized by region, the book offers classic meat, vegetable, pasta, and dessert dishes for the various cuisines of Italy. In addition to ingredients and instructions, the book offers serving suggestions for each dish, as well as variations. The instructions are clear and detailed; and the ingredient lists, as befit authentic food, are short.

    My favorite recipe is from Tuscany, and is for beef braised with peppercorns and red wine. This dish, served with polenta to soak up the juices, has already become a staple in our house.

    From Amazon


  • Great book!
    From Amazon

    If you like watching Lidia's show, you'll love this book. The recipes are very earthy and there's a lot more than recipes. She goes into detail about the places in Italy, the history, etc.

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