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لبناني و اكثر - الف فعل و فعل

Joelle Giappesi, for ALPS Beirut
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Product Details

  • Publisher: ALPS Beirut
  • Publishing date: 2015
  • Language: Arabic
  • ISBN-13: 9789953530857


This 3ammiyyeh verbs dictionary presents a selection of about 1300 verbs of the Levantine colloquial Arabic. The first part of the book details the forms of the verbs, all derived from the MSA forms, their relationships to each other, and the way these verbs are pronounced in the Lebanese dialect. The conjugation charts include present tense, past tense and imperative mode. They are given in both Arabic and phonetic transcription, to allow the learner gain confidence in the pronunciation of the spoken language. The dictionary is proposed in both Arabic-English and English-Arabic versions, with phonetic transliteration of the infinitive form. Every verb in the dictionary is also accompanied by a key letter (A,B,C,D, or E). This indicates how common the word typically is in the spoken language. A are the most common words such as “eat”, “go” or “give.” B is second most common. E is often more specialized words. At the end of this manual, a separate appendix selects for you an English-to-Arabic list of the verbs of “A” and “B” classification. This should help the beginners find their way to the Lebanese verbs right from the beginning of their learning process.
This book is offered in a pocket format of 165 x 215 mm.

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