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لبناني و اكثر - ج 2

Volume 2: Conversation in Lebanese dialect

Learn Arabic and speak the Levantine Dialect (Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian)
Joelle Giappesi, for ALPS Beirut
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Dar Manhal el Hayat
  • Publishing date: 2013
  • Language: Arabic
  • ISBN-13: 9789953530680


Volume 2 of Lebneini w 2aktar equips you to use every verb tense to express yourself. In addition to the present continuous tense, you will be able to narrate what you did yesterday (l maaDy), what you used to do (el maaDy el ba3iid), and communicate plans with the future tense. You will also get a good grasp of the active participle (Ism l faa3el). Thanks to the dialogs and exercises, you will also increase your vocabulary and gain confidence in your conversations with native speakers. This book includes an easy to use index of the vocabulary covered.

Le volume 2 de Lebneini w 2aktar élargit la connaissance de la grammaire: l’apprenanr apprend à s’exprimer au présent continu (el 7aaDer et mustamirr) au passé composé (el maaDy), à l’imparfait (el maaDy el ba3iid) et au futur. Il peut aussi utiliser deux ou trois verbes qui se suivent et harmoniser leurs temps. Enfin, grâce aux textes, aux dialogues et aux illustrations, l’apprenant élargit considérablement son vocabulaire Levantin.

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