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Lalla Vakyani

by George Grierson
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  • Publisher: Foster Press
  • Publishing date: 20070315
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781406727999
  • ISBN: 1406727997


CONTENTS PAGE PREFACE v WORKS QUOTED vii SYSTEM OF TRANSLITERATION viii INTRODUCTION 1 PRELIMINARY NOTE ON YOGA 8 TEXT AND TRANSLATION 23 APPENDIX I. VERSES BY LALLA IN KSOWLESS DICTIONARY o KASHMIRI PROVERBS 120 APPENDIX II. ON LALLAS LANGUAGE . . ,128 APPENDIX III. Ox LALLA s METRES .... 144 APPENDIX IV. CONCORDANCE OF THE VERSES IN MS. STEIN B AND IN THE PRESENT EDITION , . 149 VOCABULARY 150 PREFACE THE collection of songs edited in the present volume possesses a twofold interest. Composed so long ago as the fourteenth century A. D M it claims the attention not only of the philologist as the oldest known specimen of the Kashmiri language, but also, and still more, that of the student of religions. In ancient times, the religious system based on aiva Yoga was the object of much study amongst the learned men of Kashmir. From that remote corner of North-Western India their teaching in fluenced the whole peninsula,-so much so that we even read that Eamtouja, the leader of a rival Vaisnava belief, felt compelled to travel from distant Madras to Kashmir, with the special object of combating the hostile creed at its fountain head. There is an imposing mass of Kashmir aiva literature still extant. Mijch of it has been pub lished in the original Sanskrit, and more than one English. work has been devoted to it. Lalla or Lai D6d, the authoress of the following verses, was a wandering ascetic, and a devoted follower of this cult. The importance of lier songs consists in the fact tiat they are not a systematic expose of aivism oa the lines laid down by the theologiafis who prfeced her, but iEusfcrate the religion on its poplar side, Wltst we vi PREFACE Is not a mere book-religion as evolved in the minds of great thinkers and idealists, but a picture of the actual hopes and fears of the common folk that nominally followed the teaching of these wise men whom they had accepted as their guides. The book, in short, gives an account, often in vivid and picturesque language, of the actual working out in practice of a religion previously worked out in theory. As such, it is a unique contribution to the body of evidence that must necessarily form the basis of a future history of one of the most important religious systems of India. A word may be added as to the respective shares of those responsible for the preparation of this edition. While each has considered and has dis cussed what the other has written, it may be roughly assumed that, while the account of the Ydga system and the many notes referring to it are directly, or indirectly, from .. the pen of Dr. Barnett, the preparation of the text, its trans lation, the various appendixes, and the vocabulary are the work of Sir George Grierson. WORKS QUOTED IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES WALTER, H, The E yo-p dlpiM of Sv fa rSma, translated into German, Munich, 1893, DEUSSEK, PAUL, jU w w Mmhte far Phikwphk Leipzig, 1899,1906, SHRINIVAS IYENGAR, R T,-The Siwutrnmrtin of Ksemaraja, translated into English, Reprinted from Indian Thought, SKIS CHANDKA Visu.-Ife YOJ faim, iw- mUti In Sacred Books of the Hindus vol, xv, Part I. Allahabad, 1913, An InMuction to logo, Pkflwfty SmMt to, with JfajKA Tmmktm of 1 tk wwtikti, ori of 2 Tht Mmfamliil Ibid,, Parts II and IV, Allahabad, 1914-15. CHATTEBJI, I C, Mjwtr SWmm, voL ii, Fasciculus I, The Research Department, Kashmir State, Srinagar, 1914, PANCHAM Sim-The H tk prdipM of Svltmilriuna, Sanskrit Text and English Translation, In Sacred Books of the Hindus , voL xv, Part III Allahabad, 1915, PfiRNANANDA, - f-ftnwiri a ifl, Text often printed in India, BABNETT, L D - Translation of the Bhogm CM. In the Temple Classics. London, 1905, SYSTEM OP TRANSLITERATION USED THE system of transliteration is the same as that employed by Sir George Grierson in his Kfishmm Dictionary...

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