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Kaleidoscope Sky

by Tim Herd
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Abrams Books
  • Publishing date: 01/11/2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780810993976
  • ISBN: 081099397x


A magical, illustrated tour of nature?s wondrous, almost supernatural skyscapes, Kaleidoscope Sky reveals the beauty?and the science?behind Earth?s rarest, most unusual celestial phenomena.

For millennia, the sky has provided a spectacular show with bright, quiet sunrises and fiery red sunsets, the wispy, whimsical patterns of clouds passing overhead, or the violent thrill of lightning flashing at night. In Kaleidoscope Sky, author Tim Herd explains to the armchair voyager the conditions that produce these everyday phenomena, as well as rarer sights including auroras, halos, mirages, arcs, and even moonbows (nighttime rainbows often too faint to capture on film). Although the subject is complex, Herd provides a clear, accessible guided tour of the fleeting, ephemeral works of art that populate the heavens? own natural museum. Herd?s non-technical treatment reveals his own appreciation for (and wonder at) the awesome and wonderful palette of the sky above us. In addition to shedding light upon the causes of these unusual spectacles, Herd provides tips on the best ways to predict, locate, and observe these phenomena.

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  • Great Sky Photo's
    From Amazon

    I really enjoyed this book as a photographer of nature this one is outstanding. I also like that it incoprorates explanations of how and what conditions are needed to get these kinds of photo's. Great book for those who don't take photo's as well.

  • Look up!
    From Amazon

    Look up! That is the theme that runs through Tim Herd's book. If you don't, you'll miss out on some truly wonderful sights. His book treats rainbows, optical solar effects, aurorae, sunsets, and other phenomena with the awe that they deserve. The images in this book are stunning. But it is no mere picture book--Tim Herd is a meteorologist and a naturalist...he really knows his subject, and he explains things in a way that helps us understand the science and nature behind each of the images. A wonderful book for the general public but also for geography and meteorology students!

  • Visually yummy.
    From Amazon

    This book is delicious. It has nuggets of text that explain in detail certain atmospheric phenomena, but my favorite aspect is the collection of photos that capture the "green flash", "St. Elmo's Fire", "bead lightning", "airglow", Iridium flares, Alpenglow, Zodiacal lights, the Earth's shadow, numerous rainbow varieties, auroras, mirages, and contrails. There are better books on any *single* topic (e.g., auroras), but this is my favorite on *all* visually stunning atmospheric phenomena.

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