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I''m Ok--you''re Ok

by Thomas Harris
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  • Publisher: Harper Paperbacks
  • Publishing date: 01/07/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780060724276
  • ISBN: 0060724277


Transactional Analysis delineates three observable ego-states (Parent, Adult, and Child) as the basis for the content and quality of interpersonal communication. "Happy childhood" notwithstanding, says Harris, most of us are living out the Not ok feelings of a defenseless child, dependent on ok others (parents) for stroking and caring. At some stage early in our lives we adopt a "position" about ourselves and others that determines how we feel about everything we do. And for a huge portion of the population, that position is "I'm Not OK -- You're OK." This negative "life position," shared by successful and unsuccessful people alike, contaminates our rational Adult capabilities, leaving us vulnerable to inappropriate emotional reactions of our Child and uncritically learned behavior programmed into our Parent. By exploring the structure of our personalities and understanding old decisions, Harris believes we can find the freedom to change our lives.

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  • I'm OK, you're OK
    From Amazon

    I read this books years ago and wanted to pass it on to a good friend who might gain by reading it.

  • excellent
    From Amazon

    I've already read this book in my own language.
    It is perfect for anybody with any ages
    That's why I chose it as a gift for my dear cousin in English

  • I'm OK--You're OK is OK
    From Amazon

    Learning about the critical parent and the nurturing parent were helpful concepts. The rest of the book was just OK.

  • I;m ok-You're Ok
    From Amazon

    This book was ship fast and in great shape, it very interesting
    how as a child one is train to think from every word or action our
    parents do.

    Thank you for your prompt service in shipping your orders.

  • Being OK
    From Amazon

    Thomas Harris' book is on my top five list of books dealing with how to live a full and complete life. In an age when self-esteem is a major problem for so many people Harris has given a useful, easily understood, and applied solution. In this book he talks of the four options for our life stance, and then develops in a very convincing way why I'm OK-You're OK is the most reasonable, rational choice. In my counseling practice spanning 35 years this was the book I most frequently recommended.

    Bob Pavelsky, Ph.D.

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