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I'll Be Seeing You

by Mary Higgins Clark
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  • Publisher: Pocket
  • Publishing date: 01/05/1994
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780671888589
  • ISBN: 0671888587


In I'II Be Seeing You, Mary Higgins Clark, America's "Queen of Suspense, " tells a spellbinding tale of murder and duplicity, of hidden lives and medical secrets. Meghan Collins, a television news reporter, is covering a story in the emergency room of a large metropolitan hospital when a young woman is rushed in on a stretcher, victim of a stabbing. Meghan stares down at the dead Jane Doe. What she sees in that terrible moment begins a chain of discovery that exposes the secret lives of the people closest to her. Ten months earlier, Meghan's father had disappeared, presumed to be lost in a tragic bridge accident, where cars, trailer trucks and fuel tankers plunged through the railing into the icy Hudson River. But no trace has heen found of Edwin Collins' body, nor the wreckage of his car. Meghan's mother, neither widow nor wife, is unable to convert joint assets she needs to retain ownership of the family inn. Before his disappearance, Edwin Collins had taken all the cash out of his substantial insurance policies. Now, in absentia, he becomes the suspect in a brutal murder. Meghan decides to pursue the identity of the dead girl, find her murderer, and clear her own father's name. Her search is inexorably entwined with a story she is sent to do at the Manning Clinic, an in vitro fertilization center, where babies are conceived in the lab and preserved in test tubes - a clinic where women go seeking the children nature has till now denied them. That fateful night in the emergency room sets Meghan off on a path of deceit and death involving her missing father, the stabbing victim, and the Manning Clinic that does not end until she comes face to face with the truths that may cost her herlife. This is Mary Higgins Clark's most suspenseful book to date.

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  • Dependable but enjoyable!
    From Amazon

    A typical (and dependable) offering from MHC. Although her books are formulaic (beautiful woman in danger has to use her brains and a little outside help to figure out how to save herself and close friends or family members), they are still enjoyable. Although there is the added challenge of figuring out if I've read this particular book before or if it's just because it's all so familiar because of MHC's [tried and true] formula. But then, that's part of the reason that I enjoy her books . . . they ARE dependable. I have almost always enjoyed her books. When I am traveling and need something to fall asleep to in the evenings, I can count on MHC to deliver --- and I can recommend her books to friends and not be concerned about which one they pick up or that they have to be read in order.

  • Excellent, "I have to find out" book
    From Amazon

    An awesome mystery/suspense novel from Mary Higgins Clark. The best part about this book is it never gets stagnet. There are constantly new revelations, new suspisions, and I loved it!!

  • Full of twists and unpredictable
    From Amazon

    This is a fun read. The main mystery is about Meghan's father. Mehgan tries to unravel whether her dad is dead or alive, if he had a double life, and if he murdered a unqualified fertility doctor after his disappearance. I really liked how all of these story lines flowed together and how they added to the mystery and suspense. I really didn't feel this story line was as predictable as other reviewers felt it was. I went back and forth between suspecting who the real murderer was and the ending surprised me.

    I also like how Higgins-Clark developed the characters. That said, Bernie really didn't add anything to this book. I am not sure what Clark needed him for other than to add a disturbed character.

    All in all this book did not disappoint.

  • Lots of action.....
    From Amazon

    This book kept me reading from begining to end. It was great. I especially liked the topic of in vitro fertalization. There was many different elements in the story that lead up to a grand finale at the end. Easy to follow.. and you won't want to put it down. Highly recommend it!

  • Far fetched and predictable but still entertaining
    From Amazon

    I understand that suspense novels are by design meant to be a little far fetched but this book just had too many coincidences for me to find it even remotely plausible... The book was a decent read but definitely not one of my favorite MHC books. The ending was predictable. I suspected (won't say the name) the "suspect" from the 2nd or 3rd chapter. I was willing to look over the many coincidences but then the end just made me feel robbed...all in all if you aren't an avid suspense reader this book will satisfy you...if you are big suspense/MHC fan this book will dissapoint you.

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