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Hot Wings & Rug Burns: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Blonde

by Grant Guimont
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  • Publisher:
  • Publishing date: 20110829
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781462047598
  • ISBN: 1462047599


Set amidst the 1990s in the Twin Cities - love, basketball, sex, David Lee Roth, dating, Snoopy, bar hopping, Camel Lights, and Evonne Goolagong collide to concoct this unique tale. Of course, these aren't your typical ingredients for a comedy, but this isn't your typical comedy. This is the story of a jackass and how he becomes a real man.

Life is a clever cocktail of interesting moments, sinister monotony, and sublime mistakes. Jamie Tembreaux, a struggling playwright in Minneapolis knows that all too well. Unlike the famous Peter Pan Syndrome, Jamie suffers from a different Disney Disorder altogether, The Pinocchio Syndrome, which can only be disclosed within the confines of this tale. Forcing Jamie to realize he's twenty-five and has never really been in love.

Luckily for Jamie, he does have the support of his friends, but "Trick" Dunbar and Andrew Case are just as confused with their lives as Jamie seemingly is with his own. Torn between the fetching artist he's just met and an old flame who happens to be Andrew's little sister, Jamie navigates the dangerous waters of bachelorhood without a clue.

With the help of another friend from college Jo Fabre, Jamie searches for answers at the only place that makes sense to him - his childhood home. There, Jamie discovers where his life diverted from its natural path to an entirely new one. Jamie explores his past choices and their consequences like never before. He deflects his personal ordeals through the use of humor, thereby divulging uncompromising insight into the male psyche.

The novel is a dizzying leap into the shallow end of the pool of life. And somewhere amidst the infinite spectrum between a Blue Fairy and a Great Whale lies a broken-hearted hero. A coming-of-age tale with a twist and a comedy with plenty of edge. HOT WINGS & RUG BURNS is a wild look at one of the scariest challenges facing young adults of any generation – the opposite sex.

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