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Horace Helfin's Holiday Home

by John Philip McCarthy
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Boathouse Entertainment
  • Publishing date: 20091105
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780961482961
  • ISBN: 0961482966


Everyone loves a good Christmas story. Writer and attorney John Philip McCarthy has created a new classic of the genre with Horace Helfin's Holiday Home, a heart-warming, rambunctious fantasy with an unforgettable protagonist and a surprising twist. A blend of action-adventure episodes, slapstick comedy, and poignant themes of friendship, love, and loss, the novel offers the kind of delightful, wholesome entertainment one associates with a good Walt Disney movie.

The story opens just days before Sally Connors will turn nine years old on Christmas Day. Sally is carefully crafting a letter to Santa, the contents of which will long remain a secret. Sally's parents, John and Amanda, have separated; John works for a fantastical toy manufacturer; Sally lives at home with Amanda, an overworked litigator. Soon, a strange boy named Horace Helfin comes into their lives and changes them forever. Horace mysteriously just showed up one day at Saint Bartholomew's Orphanage. Suffering from a strange malady, Horace nonetheless proves to be full of life and mischief, a veritable walking disaster zone. Everywhere he goes, havoc follows in his wake; yet, nonetheless, everyone finds him irresistibly charming, with his gnomic statements uttered in rhymed couplets. In a series of madcap adventures, he confronts and outwits a whole rogue gallery of delectable villains, including Corey Wilson, the neighborhood bully, Mrs. Hunnicutt, the dastardly mother of an insufferable brat, and Baron Von Muncher, the neighbor's foaming-at-the-mouth Rottweiler.

Most menacing of all, though, is Arthur A. Meney, John's ruthless boss, who sets his sights on Amanda. His machinations threaten to undermine Sally's most fervent hope but Arthur never anticipates having to deal with the high jinks of Horace Helfin! As the novel hurtles toward its climax, Sally suffers a serious accident, and Horace seemingly sacrifices everything to save her. Will Christmas be ruined? Will Arthur land Amanda and spoil a possible reconciliation of the Connors family? Will Horace succumb to his mysterious illness? And what explains the seemingly superhuman abilities Horace manifests at times?

Full of suspense, humor, and unexpected twists, Horace Helfin's Holiday Home is sure to delight readers young and old alike. A story about friendship, sacrifice, hope, forgiveness, the joy of giving, the importance of family, and the true spirit of Christmas, Horace Helfin's Holiday Home is a great novel for children and a great gift for readers of all ages.

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