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Hollywood Babylon--it's Back

by Darwin Porter
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  • Publisher: Blood Moon Productions
  • Publishing date: 20080601
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780974811888
  • ISBN: 0974811882


For decades, there s been speculation that somebody, somewhere, would produce an updated version of Hollywood Babylon, perhaps even more notorious than the first two volumes compiled a half-century ago by avant-garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger. For pop culture fanatics, his books became an underground legend.

Anger s original version had to be published in Paris, as it was too hot for America at the time. But beliefs about celebrities, sexuality, and morality have changed radically since then. New waves of narcissists, exhibitionists, and looney toons have invaded the entertainment industry. The gossip industry has transformed America into a nation of voyeurs. By today s standards, Anger s spin on Babylon looks downright demure.

With a respectful nod to those long-ago statements by Kenneth Anger, Blood Moon is proud to release another Hollywood Babylon, in this case more shocking and more scandalous than before. Within this first volume, we visit Babylon as well as Sodom and Gomorrah. And we don t deal just with Hollywood s Golden Age we zero in on some present-day brouhahas as well.

Buyer beware: The scandals exposed within this book are not for the faint-of-heart. You might not think of the old pinups in quite the same way after reading this edition. Those offended by male movie stars dropping trou for offscreen cameras should stick to Alice in Wonderland.

It s true: We re not shy about male nudity, or even female nudity. Today, nudity in films is commonplace.

In the past, the porno films made by major movie stars (including Joan Crawford and Sylvester Stallone) were enveloped in a sense of secrecy and, perhaps, shame. Today, what would previously have been defined as pornography regularly makes its way onto the screen.

Within this book, Blood Moon daringly applies the gossipy reportage of today to the tabloid scandals of yesterday think Confidential Magazine on amphetimines with access to the Internet. Breast measurements of Hollywood bombshells are being widely publicized. Even the mainstream press has gotten more graphic. Time Magazine has even published the length (in inches) of Hugh Grant s penis.

Scandal is not limited just to events within America. Within this edition of Hollywood Babylon, it goes global. As such, we visit the Vatican boudoir of a former pope and his male lovers. And we document Sir Winston Churchill s onetime sexual liaison with Britain s most handsome actor.

There's more. Revealed for the first time are stories about James Dean, the child molester; Bette Davis, offscreen murderess; Errol Flynn, the incestuous father; Ava Gardner, the part-time lesbian; and Marilyn Monroe s involvements with Jackie Kennedy and Elvis Presley.

We ll even tell you about what happened to Judy Garland s body before it was finally laid to rest.

Hollywood celebrity biographer Darwin Porter and former New York Times reporter Danforth Prince take you on a roller-coaster ride through the scandals of yesterday and today. An early reviewer referred to this book as A movieland massacre, followed by an autopsy with a scalpel whose cutting edge is coated with Lucretia Borgia s poison. It s about The Good, The Bad, and the Fabulous.

To those who love her, Hollywood was and is a gossipy, mendacious (Big Daddy's word), and whorish place that remains captivating despite the passage of time. In Hollywood Babylon, it s depicted at its sleaziest, most venal, and most deliciously unseemly.

Rock Hudson said it all In Hollywood, you can keep a mistress, or a boyfriend, maybe both. You can go gay, -bi, or pan-sexual. Just don't tell anybody, and don't get caught.

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