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God's Secrets Revealed: Divine Mysteries And Parables Explained - A Message Of Hope For A Planet In Peril

by Cynthia Anne Dahm
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  • Publisher:, Inc.
  • Publishing date: 21/06/2010
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781609102401
  • ISBN: 1609102401


Are you concerned there's no way out for our troubled world? Take heart! God is sharing His highest truths with those who are seeking. It's a plan for happiness He's had all along for us! This is not doomsday, but a message of hope for an "end unto a new beginning." Learn how you can help make it happen!

Readers will discover the series of universal events which led to the formation of our world, beginning with Lucifer challenging God's will.

Eventually, war was waged between the forces of good and the forces of evil. Sadly, our Creator (who's accustomed to creating) found it necessary to actually destroy 38 inhabited planets to prevent the spread of evil.

Prior to the formation of His ultimate schoolhouse (earth), God initiated a plan of "second chances" for man by designing a temporary planetary system called the Levels to house and teach those who were deceived and lost their physical bodies (but not their souls) in the great heavenly battle. This was to prepare them for physical reincarnation to "try again" on earth.

Meanwhile, beings from faithful worlds formed an elite group of volunteers called Law One (universal law of one unseen God) dedicated to serving our Creator. Two of these members, Shadd and Shannon, are introduced in the book through a true-life story of the fall of Atlantis, God's wondrous first city on earth. This is to establish the reality of Atlantis as God's magnificent attempt to give those who fell in the universe another chance to return to Him.

Long hidden secrets of this paradise continent and its tragic demise are revealed, providing clues behind a similar paradox now, the tendency for history to repeat itself. What germinated in heaven and festered in Atlantis will come to a head soon as global turmoil; war and terrorism, to name a few, surmounts on a daily basis.

Expect to read about upcoming events of the last days as foretold in the book of Revelation, including the Antichrist and his dreaded "Mark of the Beast."

Also, our Creator is in the process of bringing soul mates together on a massive scale to better fight the enemy, who knows his time is short. God wants love and peace to prevail but, like the fierce conflicts for freedom and security taking place right now; He knows sometimes you have to fight for it.

Most of all, our Creator doesn't want you to be afraid because as you choose sides for Him during this ultimate battle against the forces of evil (so they can't consume our planet), He will walk with you and lead you into His safety net; His protective umbrella where dreams of peace, happiness and true security really do come true. Read God's Secrets Revealed so you can learn what you must do.

Remember, His grace is ever with you.

The untold story of events that disrupted peace in the universe and what this means for you personally is long and detailed. God has been saving this high knowledge for just the right time in history when He felt people would be more apt to listen and believe.

If you're a truth seeker, your search is over. This is His new yet timeless message in the twenty-first century.

Summary in Brief:

The nonfiction book, God's Secrets Revealed is narrated by a woman named "Shannon." From their shared homeland on a planet far from earth, she introduces her soul mate, Shadd, who plays an integral part in later chapters.

In the first few chapters, Shannon reveals several main topics as follows: 1. Harmony and wonder of life on other planets including the nature of soul mates. 2. Description of the beginning of strife in the universe and how it affected God's plans for mankind. 3. Disclosure of what a missioned being is. 4. Disclosure that all people on earth have lived before. 5. Who and where "guides" come from and the purpose they serve for God. 6. Disclosure of the "War of the Planets," the same one written of in Revelation 12:7.

The book's central conflict is two-fold; the War of the Planets or "Heaven," which happened long before earth was created, and the danger of that scenario being repeated now, as it was during the Atlantean period. Herein, Shannon also expounds on the happiness and serenity that was shared by everyone in the universe until the War set in. This knowledge reveals the motivation behind the story's resolution; a resolution that also happens to contain the book's most vital message, which is as follows: God's greatest wish is for all of His children to return to that peaceful, pain-free existence they too once enjoyed before the conflict in heaven occurred.

Shannon's goal is the entice readers into finding out how they too can be a part of God's plan through practical application, sharing a few laughs along the path to discovering their own mission. In doing so, readers will thrill to the revelation of many deep mysteries and secrets that have never been shared with the world before.

The body of the book explains how the War in Heaven started and the resulting consequences. A few key points: 1. Physical death was introduced for the very first time to humans in the universe. 2. God's plan to preserve fallen man by sending them to "school" (in spirit form) to a place in the universe He specially created just for the purpose, an educational system called the "Planet of Levels." 3. Story of Jesus and how his sacrifice was instilled by God to save the world long before the earth was even created. 4. The process of missions and how souls choose their lifetimes on earth before they are born, doing so while based on the Planet of Levels. 5. Why earth was created. 6. The ancient continent of Atlantis is unveiled.

Several chapters in the body of the manuscript are exclusively devoted to revealing God's first colonies of reborn humans from the Levels, (who lost their lives but not their souls during the War in Heaven ) in antediluvian places such as Lemuria, Poseidia, and primarily Atlantis, the most advanced.

Readers will learn the very real and beautiful civilization of this magnificent continent from Shannon as she reviews a portion of her own life story from the ancient time period. Both she and her soul mate Shadd, were chosen as well as volunteered to come to Atlantis from their universal home in order to help out in the earliest stages of God's grandiose soul-reclamation project. It was the twosome's first lifetime spent on the earth planet.

The tales of Shadd and Shannon in Atlantis is like a mini-book in itself, with a separate conflict and resolution that also pertains to the larger one.

The purpose of the story of Shadd and Shannon in Atlantis is also two-fold. 1. Readers will learn God's secret of the extraordinary love He fashioned to be exclusively enjoyed between soul mates, who are married in the universe, or "Heaven," before they come to earth; also explains how readers can find their own soul mates again in this world. 2. How the forces of evil abused power for the sake of greed including genetic engineering which eventually claimed Atlantis, God's paradise on earth; all because of Lucifer and his fallen angels, who were allowed to inhabit this world along with humans following their exile from Heaven after the War of the Planets, which Lucifer also instigated.

In this way, earth was created by God to provide a "physical environment" for fallen beings to repeat earlier lessons that were failed, furnishing similar situations and "scenarios" once faced with, allowing people more chances to overcome by rectifying wrong choices made in their native worlds before Satan was ousted.

The earth is an authentic simulator to how life in the universe was prior to the War inasmuch as it contains the same variables; the presence of God, the presence of human beings and finally, the presence of the devil.

The Levels Planet, the creation of earth and the death of Jesus all have a singular purpose; to help souls who lost their lives and planets in the Great Rebellion to ultimately reconcile with our Creator, so they can once again enjoy the eternal life and happiness that God meant for all people.

The concluding chapters tackle several deep subject matters, one being the highly controversial aspect of whether the devil even exists, a question quickly put to rest with God's emphatic "affirmative" and official dismissal of the "Lucifer myth."

At the same time, our Creator encourages people not to fear Satan either. However, since the resolution deals directly with defeating the forces of darkness as history presently repeats itself again in the chronicles of creation, God realizes that ones must be able to know and recognize their enemy in order to fight him.

Other never-told topics feature: 1. Revealing the true or "hidden" meaning behind selected Bible parables, including the full understanding of how Jesus' death eliminated the need for souls to continue being reborn onto earth from the Levels Planet System by quoting specific Bible scriptures that support it existence. 3. Revelation of the ongoing mystery as the why "bad things happen to good people;" that hardships are indeed due to tangible reasons, but known only by God. Past life repetition and the fact that previous conduct, which often carries over from one lifetime to the next determines how a particular individual's "course" will be set. It all depends on what needs to be learned. 4. The introduction of the "Mark of the Beast" from the book of Revelation; why and how to avoid taking it. 6. Suggestions provided in becoming self-sufficient including learning survival skills so as not to be caught unaware and unprepared when the Mark of the Beast becomes the "law of the land" in America. 7. "Alarm sounded" for emergency and natural disaster preparedness.

Our Creator spilled His Heart in "Secrets," as will become apparent to whomever is blessed enough to read it. What person wouldn't be overjoyed to discover that there really are other planets out there that are inhabited by real people; not "aliens," but beautiful, ageless human beings? What person wouldn't thrill to realize he or she can be a part of the wonder of eternal life that includes space travel? What seeking man or woman wouldn't give everything they have to be able to meet again on the earth plane, the soul mate they were originally born with on their own native planet? What person, who, after having his or her deepest most perplexing questions about life's mysteries answered by God Himself, promising hope of a better life in a better world, whether it's on a new, revitalized earth or on another planet of the universe, would not stand in line all day long in the pouring rain to "buy" a ticket; away from sadness and despair, away from the unsatisfying cares of the material world, away from sickness, pain and death; forever!

God's biggest secret is no secret at all. He is inviting you now. The knowledge is your "ticket." After reading this book, you'll know just what to do to "get there."

This is not a drill. This is real and it's free. All you have to do is, "Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Knock and it will be opened unto you."

Come one, come all, into the knowledge, therefore, the reality of paradise.

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