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Fullmetal V5

by Hiromu Arakawa
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Product Details

  • Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
  • Publishing date: 10/01/2006
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781421501758
  • ISBN: 1421501759


Winry, Ed and Alphonse go south in search of Izumi Curtis, the master alchemist who taught the brothers how to use alchemy many years ago. But in the boomtown of Rush Valley, an encounter with a pickpocket turns them down a different path, in search of an auto-mail blacksmith whose handiwork is the best that Winry’s ever seen. Then the action flashes back to the past, to show how Ed and Alphonse first learned alchemy…

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  • The writer is a genious...
    From Amazon

    Because she knew how it all ends, and it will end in Japan at the end of this year (2009). Start from the beginning and know that unlike mangas like 'One Piece' and 'Bleach', this is a tangled web of seemingly vague threads that slowly knit itself into a grand and terrible Epic that I'm biting tooth and nail for. Stupid company in America is bleeding out the volumes at a horrifically slow pace and I doubt we'll see the end till half a year or more after the series ends in Japan!

  • great
    From Amazon

    Although the volumes have been getting darker, the humor of the prevoous volumes still prevails.

  • Series is improving.
    From Amazon

    Hiromu Arakawa, Fullmetal Alchemist, vol. 5 (ViZ, 2003) I'm really starting to like Winry as a character. Once their small band reaches Rush Valley, we get involved in a mini story arc where Winry, who's also looking to better herself (despite the fact that everyone in Rush Valley marvels over the complexity of Ed's prosthetics), makes a journey deep into the mountains to submit herself as an apprentice to Dominic, the universally-acknowledged best automail artist in Rush Valley. Most of the rest of the volume (the last chapter finds Ed and Al at their teacher's place reminiscing) details the goings-on at Dominic's little campground. We get to know the people there, and get some tantalizing clues about the past doings of Winry's grandmother. The series just keeps getting better. *** ½

  • fullmetal alchemist vols 4 thru 10
    From Amazon

    I purchased these as a gift and they really were appreciated. It was great.

    From Amazon

    Volume 5 of Fullmetal Alchemist takes a rest from the Philospher's Stone battles with Homunculi and serious angst of previous volumes to lighten up a little. Ed and Al travel with Winry to Rush City, a boomtown of the boondocks of the country, which despite its isolation has become a mecca for auto-mail engineers. Of course, you know Winry is slavering from the mouth when she enters its precincts! But then Ed's State Alchemist watch is stolen by a pickpocket and the chase begins. Ed and Al are journeying to find their old master, Izumi Curtis, the woman who trained them in their early years in the art of alchemy. They are hoping she might know something about the Stone. The problem is, she is so tough on them that the two brothers almost hope they won't find her! Especially when she finds out that they broke the strongest taboo of alchemy trying to bring their mother back to life. Excellent excellent excellent book. These characters live and breath. Even their tough as nails master, Izumi, has some sadness in her life and takes the boys in as apprentices because they remind her of her own dead child who would have been their age. There are such depths here in the characterization and you really see what makes manga so special. Alchemist is at turns deadly grave, kinetic, mysterious, and funny....just like life. I get excited thinking where the plot can lead and contemplating the mysteries of the series that have not been revealed yet. Classic.

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