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Freedom: The Courage To Be Yourself (osho, Insights For A New Way Of Living Series)

by Osho
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  • Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
  • Publishing date: 01/06/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780312320706
  • ISBN: 0312320701


In Freedom, Osho outlines three stages of freedom. The first is "freedom from," which is a freedom that comes from breaking out of what he calls the "psychological slavery" imposed by outside forces such as parents, society, or religion. The next stage is "freedom for," a positive freedom that comes from embracing and creating something---a fulfilling relationship, for example, or an artistic or humanitarian vision. And lastly there is "just freedom," the highest and ultimate freedom. This last freedom is more than being for or against something; it is the freedom of simply being oneself and responding truthfully to each moment.

The Insights for a New Way of Living series aims to shine light on beliefs and attitudes that prevent individuals from being their true selves. The text is an artful mix of compassion and humor, and readers are encouraged to confront what they would most like to avoid, which in turn provides the key to true insight and power.

Freedom helps readers to identify the obstacles to their freedom, both circumstantial and self-imposed, to choose their battles wisely, and to find the courage to be true to themselves.

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  • Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself
    From Amazon

    for all who know Osho, this is defnetly a must-have!
    for all others, get ready to ask yourself some provocating questions!

  • So glad I bought this
    From Amazon

    Osho talks in plain clear words. There is no confusion here. No pretention, no complications. There are no theories, no convoluted rationalizations. Its just common sense talk. Sometimes we forget how to think in simple terms about our own free will. I highly recommend this book.

  • Change your life and change the world.
    From Amazon

    Simply put, you will find some of the most profound wisdom that exists in the world today. It is no suprise this author was called "The most dangerous man since Jesus Christ".

  • the value of this text...
    From Amazon

    I think that the value in this book lies in the deviation of thought from anything mainstream. Even though you might not agree with everything or anything in this book, Osho guides you through a world of thought that many of us had not even heard of. It frees you from a way of thinking that we are used to every single day. A good book to pick up and gain perspective when the problems pile up one after another. You will gain a new way of looking at freedom and a new way to define freedom. And althought I doubt that I, or most other people that will pick up this book, will alter their lives significantly, there are many words of wisdon to pick up. Afterall, all that we need sometimes is a breath of fresh air.

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