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Fodor's See It London, 1st Editon (fodor's See It)

by Fodor's
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Fodor's
  • Publishing date: 04/05/2004
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781400013890
  • ISBN: 1400013895


Fodor’s see it London is perfect for travelers who want to understand local history and English culture before they arrive, and experience the city like a native londoner while they’re there.

Overflowing with brilliant color photography, this is the ONLY illustrated guide that provides the practical information that you need while traveling–complete restaurant and hotel reviews with exact prices for lodging and dining (not ranges), plus time-saving tips and how to avoid crowds, exact admission prices to key sights, great photo stops, and special notes on “kid-friendly” attractions throughout.

Our detailed reviews represent the best accommodations in London, in all price ranges. From five-star luxury hotels to low-budget hostels, we’ll tell you what to expect in terms of price and quality through extensive coverage of hotels and their surrounding neighborhoods, exact prices of double-occupancy rooms (including breakfast), plus pictures of hotel facilities and guestrooms.

If you want to experience the best that London has to offer, pay particular attention to our outstanding restaurant coverage that will help you choose from the thousands of local eateries that cater to every budget and dining experience. From affordable bistros in Sohoto places where you can splurge on a romantic and stylish dinner at Hakkasan–you’ll find it in see it London. Each review covers house signature dishes, ambiance, actual prices for a two-course lunch and a three-course dinner (for two people), hours of operation, and what transportation will get you there.

The Sights
Whether you want to start your day with a sunrise walk across the Millenium Bridge or a nice leisurely boat trip down the Thames and end the day with a pint at a pub or afternoon tea at the Ritz, see it London will take you there. Accessibly written to help you navigate throughout the city without missing a thing, each attraction includes exact admission prices, what galleries and museums not to miss, and where to stop for quick bites and refreshing drinks along the way. Sights are also rated for their “value”, “walkability”, “historic and cultural interest”, plus we suggest fantastic “photo stops” and entertaining and age-appropriate “kid-friendly” attractions throughout the book.

What to Do?
Our shopping walks will lead you to cutting-edge fashions to fit all budgets, from hip streetwear to expensive fashions for your feet. But, London has much more to offer than just sight-seeing and shopping. Fodor’s see it London provides insider information on classical, theatrical, and cinematic performances, London’s music scene (live jazz to underground youth centres), nightlife, spectator and activity sports, health and beauty spas, festivals and events, and a special section on “Children’s London”.

Atlas and Maps
Detailed neighborhood maps
are incorporated throughout the book to help you navigate on historic walks, shopping tours, or to find a restaurant. Plus, a 16-page atlas details each road and path with highlights of important landmarks, parks, metro stations, and car parking areas.

Fodor’s see it™
A brand-new series that shows you before you go, guides you while you’re there, and makes the perfect keepsake on your return.

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  • Good guide to get your trip planned properly
    From Amazon

    I used this book for my trip planning way before I even left. This gave me the backbone of what to see and when and the cost. I got a good feel for the different areas of London as well. I used this book to formulate and research my itinerary. It had good info on all the major and minor things to do/see/eat in London. Also had information on the underground, English customs, weather, travel tips, etc. It was pretty much a one-stop shop for planning a London vacation. I did bring this book with me as a reference in London (I was there 8 days) but did not carry it with me out and about. It was easier to bring with me a smaller fold-out map guide type book (like Knopf Map Guide London). This book, while not huge, was a tad bigger than I'd like to carry with me. Not to mention blurting out tourist when you open it.

  • You're going to LOVE BRITAIN!
    From Amazon

    I've spent a year in England and have made >30 visits all together.

    Here are my reviews of the best meet you r exact needs.....I hope these are helpful and that you have a great visit! I always gauge the quality of my visit by how much I remember a year later......this review is designed to help you get the guide that will be sure YOU remember your trip many years into the future. Travel Safe and enjoy yourself to the max!

    Fodor's is the best selling guide among Americans. They have a bewildering array of different guides. Here's which is what:
    The Gold Guide is the main book with good reviews of everything and lots of tours, walks, and just about everything else you could think of. It's not called the Gold guide for nothing assumes you have money and are willing to spend it.
    SeeIt! is a concise guide that extracts the most popular items from the Gold Guide
    PocketGuide is designed for a quick first visit
    UpCLOSE for independent travel that is cheap and well thought out
    CityPack is a plastic pocket map with some guide information
    Exploring is for cultural interests, lots of photos and designed to supplement the Gold guide

    MapGuide is very easy to use and has the best location information for pubs, hotels, tourist attractions, museums, churches etc. that they manage to keep fairly up to date. It's great for teaching you how to use the underground and the double decker buses. The text sections are quick overviews, not reviews, but the strong suite here is brevity, not depth. I strongly recommend this for your first few times learning your way around the classic tourist sites and experiences. MapGuide is excellent as long as you are staying pretty much in the city centre. When you get to be an old London hand, remember that the classic Londoners guide will always be an A to Z (zed) map and guide. If you want to go a bit beyond the central core of the city (perhaps to Windsor, Hampton, or further away) you really need the proper AtoZ to be able to find exact routes and streets.

    Time Out
    The Time Out guides are very good. Easy reading, short reviews of restaurants, hotels, and other sites, with good public transport maps that go beyond the city centre. Many people who buy more than one guidebook end up liking this one best!

    Blue Guides
    Without doubt, the best of the walks guides.... the Blue Guide has been around since 1918 and has extremely well designed walks with lots of unique little side stops to hit on just about any interest you have. If you want to pick up the feel of the city, this is the best book to do that for you. This is one that you end up packing on your 10th trip, by which time it is well worn.

    Famous for their quality reviews, the Red Michelin Guides are for hotels & Restaurants, the Green Michelin Guides are for main tourist destinations. However, the English language Green guide is the one most people use and it has now been supplemented with hotel and restaurant information. These are the serious review guides as the famous Michelin ratings are issued via these books.

    Let's Go
    Let's Go is a great guide series that specializes in the niche interest details that turn a trip into a great and memorable experience. Started by and for college students, these guides are famous for the details provided by people who used the book the previous year. They continue to focus on providing a great experience inexpensively. If you want to know about the top restaurants, this is not for you (use Fodor's or Michelin). Let's Go does have a bewildering array of different guides though. Here's which is what:
    Budget Guide is the main guide with incredibly detailed information and reviews on everything you can think of.
    City Guide is just as intense but restricted to the single city.
    PocketGuide is even smaller and features condensed information
    MapGuide's are very good maps with public transportation and some other information (like museum hours, etc.)

    Lonely Planet
    Lonely Planet has City and Out To Eat Guides. They are all about the experience so they focus on doing, being, getting there, and this means they have the best detailed information, including both inexpensive and really spectacular restaurants and hotels, out-of-the-way places, weird things to see and do, the list is endless.

  • Best London Travel Guide
    From Amazon

    I've bought several London travel guides over the years - even worked as a grad student at a London University Library as well as several bookstores, so I've owned or seen all the guides out there - and this one is far and away the best. It gives lots of good tips such as best time of day to visit, detailed info on all the popular attractions and extensive write-ups on the major museums and galleries such as the British Museum, the Tower of London and the National Galleries. Several of these reviews include ratings for things like historical interest, whether it is good for kids, and value for money. The guide is organized perfectly for a travel guide - small blocks of text accompanied with hundreds of color photos so that you can get a good feel for what the attractions are like beforehand to determine if they're worth seeing. The guide is organized into sections for travel in the UK, the sights, things to do, maps of London walks, eating and planning. These sections are marked with color-coded tabs for quick reference, and each includes detailed maps marking the places mentioned in each section. There are also extensive maps of the city at the back including a tube map. This guide also includes URLs for London websites and tips on purchasing discounts and passes for attractions. The planning section includes photos of all the British coins and pound notes, clothing size charts, a chart giving the approximate cost of everyday items including cigarettes, film, bottled water, pint of beer, etc. There is a short glossary of UK terms and their American English equivalent. This is a great value for the money and very useful for the average London tourist.
    I also recommend the London Mapquide - a good pocket size booklet with a one-mile radius of town mapped out on each page - in addition to all the major attractions, it even shows all the large hotels on the map so you can plan your day accordingly. My upcoming trip I'm staying at the Thistle Marble Arch and the London Marriott at Grosvenor Square, and I was happy to see that both of these are marked on the map.
    The Time Out Visitor's Guide magazine is also a great resource for restaurants from cheap to pricey, shopping, bars and clubs. You should also pick up a weekly copy of Time Out when you arrive to find all the events, shows, bands, etc. for the week. It's like a TV Guide of nightlife; if it isn't in there, it isn't happening.

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