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Flood Tide

by Clive Cussler
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Pocket Star
  • Publishing date: 29/12/2009
  • Language: Français
  • ISBN-13: 9781439148112
  • ISBN: 1439148112


When a hero whose name never appears in print without a registered trademark symbol beside it sets out on a new adventure, readers should know what to expect: a great deal of derring-do, outlandish adventures, and fantastical scenarios. For Dirk Pitt, reality is an inconsequential construct. What matters is the U.S. National Underwater and Maritime Agency (NUMA) superhero's unflagging energy, wit, strength, sex appeal, and patriotism. In this tale of a Chinese billionaire who plans to divert the mighty Mississippi in order to expand his illegal smuggling ring, find a treasure lost at sea nearly half a century ago, and, incidentally, split the U.S. into three countries controlled by China, Cussler's American version of James Bond struggles to save the day. All his trusty sidekicks are here, including Al Giordino, a regular partner in Pitt's underwater adventures, and Admiral Sandecker, the NUMA commander. This time there's a beautiful Chinese American INS agent as the love interest, and a mendacious American president, too. Flood Tide is a romp that will tickle Pitt and Cussler's many fans, as well as readers new to this author who may find themselves stranded on the tarmac or tanning on Caribbean beaches. --Jane Adams

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  • my 13th clive cussler novel
    From Amazon

    Flood Tide is my 13th novel by Clive Cussler. I buy them at random depending on what I feel like reading at the time instead of buying them in series order. That said, most of the ones I've bought have been part of his Dirk Pitt series but I've bought a couple of his Kurt Austin series and even one of his Oregon Files series. Flood Tide deals with one of the earlier adventures in Dirk Pitt's NUMA career.Most of the dates in the book referance the year 2000 as the present time and this story has Dirk Pitt as a single man. However, future books bring the character up through the years though as of this review I don't know of one that uses year 2010. Also, while Pitt stays a troubleshooter for NUMA thoughout the series he developes from a single man to a married, family man in later books. How this effects his character I leave up to the reader to find out. I hope everyone enjoys the books as much as I have.

  • Decent adventure
    From Amazon

    This book has all the hallmarks of a good action-adventure novel: a handsome, courageous hero (Dirk Pitt), a beautiful woman (INS agent Julia) and a sidekick (Al Giordino, hungry as ever), exotic locales (generally the bottom of the sea, with forays into Louisiana, China, and Korea), and gadgetry (all manner of ships and submersibles). The book's plot revolves around an industrialist who wants to increase his immigrant smuggling operation by diverting the mighty Mississippi River. Not the greatest adventure ever written, and not even the greatest Dirk Pitt adventure, but a good read.

  • Im not saying I could write it better. But close.
    From Amazon

    This is my first time reading a Dirk Pitt novel. The book is supposed to be about some aquatic explorer of government pay grade who discovers a large illegal immigrant smuggling corporation from the country of... CHINA? What you never heard of Americas huge problem with all these darn Chinese hopping across the Pacific ocean and slipping into our country? Oh yah that doesn't exist. Anyway the main character (Dirk Pitt) is finds himself at the wrong place at the wrong time and throws himself into an adventure to destroy this evil mad Chinese man. The beginning on this book is confusing and even now having finished the book I still don't understand why it began the way it did. They start you off in what seems to be the set up for the rest of the book but all of the sudden as a new chapter begins, you are thrown into a different setting with different characters. The expected connections to the rest of the story never come so its like reading a book and never making progress in the story because each chapter starts a new story. The few times that the author lets you understand what is going on its nothing but corny statements by Dirk along with generic action moments. Clive Cussler even created a character named after himself! Come on, are you writing a 3rd grade picture book about yourself or a novel? The reason I am so critical of this fact is that Cussler has done this in many of his books. This book attempted to draw in the reader as if they were watching a movie. But it doesn't work. That's why I'm taking to the time to read a book not watch a one hour movie. What seemed to be an attempt to keep me entertained just left me confused and to think the author was to lazy to develop any plot and deep character backgrounds. The book reads very fast but this isn't a good thing. If I wanted to have a quick shot of cheap amusement that lacked in any depth then I would watch a Steven Seagall movie. Plus, I hate Steven Seagall. I wish I could give more insight into the dynamics of this novels theme and such. But by simply reading the back of this book you would know just as much as I do except the ending. I said what I could of its most apparent features. If only there were something good about this novel I could write about. Well, I guess if you are an activist against illegal Chinese immigration into America then you might enjoy this book. That's just about the only thing that's original about this book.

  • a+ all the way............
    From Amazon

    This is one of my favorite Cussler books. Being from the South, this story was a blast. Lots of adventure, and southern style.

  • Interesting but most tedious CC novel read to date:
    From Amazon

    I've read many of Clive Cussler's novels. In general I enjoy them, even with the meglomaniacs and the machismo attitude which I ignore. I enjoy how Dirk and Al, and Kurt and his side-kick, Joe etc., work together and support each other. I enjoy the history info that is woven in, (intriguing). The underwater gismos--interesting. I enjoy the Geography lessons, usually getting out my atlas at least once per novel. The pace is usually good and holds my attention. The treasures found absorbing. The new tech stuff--if not based on reality, which I think a lot of it is, creative. However this is the first CC novel I've read that I'm finding tedious. I find this CC effort lacking in the writing style. The plot and info are good-- however, I am not finding the flow that makes a person want to keep reading. I have to put it down and for example go weed the garden or just become overwhelmed with boredom. I will finish it and will read other of CC's novels but have found this one long and tedious.

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