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Film Society; A Novel

by Gilaine E. Mitchell
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  • Publisher: Simon & Pierre
  • Publishing date: 20000401
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780889242968
  • ISBN: 0889242968


-Coming Unstuck-

One of the women in Film Society speaks for the rest when she suggests, "our lives might be better if we had rushes or dailies to look at - the uncut film printed for viewing by filmmakers the day after it's shot; the object is to check for errors before the set is taken down ... we're not living celluloid lives where life comes at us in carefully crafted scenes and builds to a contrived climax and fitting resolution. There is no paradigm at work here, no guaranteed formula to follow or tell us how our story's going to turn out. A moment simply comes, then leaves you with the rest of your life to live with it."

In small town Ontario seven women come together once a month to drink wine, catch up on each other's lives, and watch videos. Over the course of several months, each woman's story is revealed.

Sadie, the narrator, is a natural storyteller and the keeper of the Film Society stories. Her love life, always the subject of discussion among her friends, takes the form of a jacket made of patches of fabric she has snipped from the clothes of her many lovers.

Alex has lived a paint-by-numbers life with her husband, an artist who is unable to see who she is. As she paints her own pictures with the images of her life, she discovers she has also lost sight of herself.

Sally is the town florist. Still grieving the sudden death of her parents, years ago, she sees the townspeople through the critical prism of her store, and what she sees has made her terribly cynical about life. But a growing relationship she has over the phone with an orchid grower in Kauai begins to make her think differently.

Grace, in a marriage that no longer works for her, has fantasies about the obstetrician/ gynaecologist who delivered her children. At the same time she embarks on the long and bumpy journey to becoming a writer, using Sadie's life as grist for her mill.

Jenny is her mother's daughter: unhappy and alcoholic. She sees ahead of her a chain of years punctuated by brief summer holidays at the family cottage.

Storm, a former radio copywriter who cannot shake the habit of creating missing pictures in her own mind, is drawn into the life of another woman painfully awaiting the death of her married lover in another city.

Delaney, in an effort to come to terms with the loss of the two women she called mother, creates a documentary, "When Women Lose Their Mothers," and finds self-expression outside of the role of wife and mother.

Each of the women in Film Society finds herself stuck at this point in her life: emotionally, creatively, sexually, and literally. The book opens as Sadie and her latest lover end up stuck to each other while making love in the lake. From that first moment to the last page, when this group of women are once again sitting together in the blue and white light of the television screen, Gilaine E. Mitchell's first novel is the engaging story of women moving out of a place that keeps them from living more fulfilled lives.

By the end of Film Society, the reader will feel like a part of the group, and the changes in the lives of Sadie, Alex, Grace, Jenny, Storm and Delaney will ring with truth and familiarity.

Film Society is about the choices women make, and about the self-knowledge that can only come by rewinding the tape and taking another look at what has happened before now.

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