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Fantasy! Cartooning

by Ben Caldwell
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Sterling
  • Publishing date: 01/06/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781402716126
  • ISBN: 1402716125


The sizzling hot author of Action! Cartooning (100,000 copies sold!) has created a truly "fantastic" second book: a visually eye-popping, covers-it-all manual on drawing and understanding fantasy art.

A former Marvel cartoonist and one of the most talented young artists in this very hip field, Ben Caldwell now delivers his thrilling follow-up to Action! Cartooning. Fantasy! Cartooning is ideal for all kids and adults who love the Lord of the Rings movies, anticipate the Christmas 2005 release of The Chronicles of Narnia film, or have ever read a Harry Potter book. As before, Ben does not merely teach readers how to draw a line here or a circle there; he provides much, much more. Artists will find true insider tips on how to create mind-blowing scenes, awe-inspiring monsters, bigger-than-life heroes, and really incredible, magical landscapes. And because Ben Caldwell knows the fantasy genre inside out, he explains all the complex stories and legends behind each image, too.

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  • fantasy cartooning by ben caldwell
    From Amazon

    ben caldwell breaks down characters basics and gives great insight on how to draw ordinary objects looking mystical and fantasy. worthwhile book to purchase if you are into drawing cartoons.

  • Wonderful book!
    From Amazon

    I can't draw, not really. But Ben Caldwell lays out the principals of fantasy drawing (how to make your forest creatures adorable, or obviously Up to No Good; how to outfit a gypsy or a princess or a gangly young hero) accessible and easy to understand. I've had three copies go missing from my classroom in the last two years, which is a recommendation (albeit a larcenous one). I also highly recommend his All Action Classics series, in which he turns classic novels like Dracula and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer into engaging comics, while keeping the story and much of the original wording intact.

  • Exceeds my expectations
    From Amazon

    I've spent the better half of a year coveting this book. After reading the great reviews, I finally splurged and purchased it. I do not regret this purchase. Fantasy Cartooning is split into four parts: Cartoon Magic; Heroes and Villians; The Fair Folk; and Ancient Beasts. The examples are presented in pencil drawings, which I personally prefer over the finalized inked versions so many "How to Draw" books present. What I like best about Mr. Caldwell's book is that he doesn't just draw the character, and leave you to assume what he did. With each drawing are notes around said drawing with tips from Mr. Caldwell on how to draw this feature or that feature. I wouldn't consider this a classic "How to Draw" book. More of an examples book, with tips for the artist who has some experience drawing. If you are the type who is frustrated by drawing books that show a circle and a rectangle, than a more defined circle and rectangle with hints of a mouth, eyes, and nose, followed by a finished pencil sketch, this might not be the book for you. Especially if you are just wanting to learn how to draw. This isn't to say I wouldn't purchase this for a child or pre teen, just a child or pre teen that has some training in drawing already. (Be it a formal class or a How to Draw book.) If you have some drawing experience under your belt and are looking for a fun book to help expand your fantasy style, I highly recommend this book.

  • Inspiration abounds!
    From Amazon

    Action! Cartooning teaches you how to draw the human figure pretty thoroughly, so there's not much left for Fantasy! Cartooning. Instead, Fantasy! Cartooning expands on the lessons by offering different suggestions of what "Feel" to give your drawings to make them more fantasy-like. From how to draw an old and powerful wizard to how to draw hordes of tiny goblins. Fantasy! Cartooning also covers how to draw other races of fantasy, giving instructions on how to draw everything from a noble steed to a fanged dragon. Fantasy! Cartooning does all this EXTREMELY well. I loved Action! Cartooning for how it tells you what makes a drawing look the way you want it to without telling you exactly how you have to move your pencil. Fantasy! Cartooning expands on this formula and is a perfect place to go after Action! Cartooning. Definitely recommended for anyone wanting to expand on their lessons from Action! Cartooning.

  • A really fun book
    From Amazon

    Watch Video Here: This book is incredibly fun if you're into fantasy cartooning. Ben Caldwell has filled the pages with sketches and tips to drawing all sorts of fantasy characters, ranging from heroes, villains, fairies to beasts. The tips given are not just on drawing, but also on developing characteristics and personality into them. That's character design. He talks about everything, from the hair, eye shadows, wrinkles, costumes, postures, smiles and basically anything that you can see. There's a companion website to the book called Action Cartooning. You can find more art, comics and a community forum. (More pictures are available on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)

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