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Eat, Drink And Be Kinky

by Mike McGovern, Kinky Friedman
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  • Publisher: Fireside
  • Publishing date: 07/10/1999
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780684856742
  • ISBN: 0684856743


The work you are about to read is far more than a cookbook. Eat, Drink, and Be Kinky will have a broad, engaging appeal not only to serious gourmands but also to alcoholics and sex perverts as well. In fact, I think of this book as sort of a culinary version of James Joyce's Ulysses. McGovern's masterwork, to my mind, compares quite favorably with Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. For one thing, it's shorter.
From the Introduction by Kinky Friedman

Written by Mike McGovern, one of the Kinkster's legendary Village Irregulars, Eat, Drink, and Be Kinky is a feast of wit, wisdom, and some damn good recipes as featured in, drawn from, and inspired by the novels of Kinky Friedman, private dick extraordinaire and culinary mastermind.

When Richard Kinky "Big Dick" Friedman was only a little Kinky, growing into his Texas jeans and ten-gallon hat, he had two choices at mealtime -- take it or leave it. But the years have been kind to the Kinkster, and thanks to a successful career first as a singer/songwriter and more recently a bestselling author, Kinky has become a connoisseur of good wine, good food, and the best cigars (that he still prefers bad women just goes to show that some things never change).

With a choice from a full menu of everything from appetizers and soups to desserts and libations, the reader is invited to indulge in the best of Kinky cuisine, including:

Downtown Judy's Tortilla Soup with Chili Puree
Fried-Egg Sandwich a Go-Go
Saddle Up Burritos
Teri and Chinga Chavin's Ol' Ben Lucas Swordfish Stew
Son of Chicken McGovern
Steve Rambam's Jailhouse Chili
Frankie Lasagna
Beer Bread
Jack Daniel's Tiramisu
Crunchy Coconut Banana Cake

The book also features the world according to Kinky -- selections of wit and wisdom from all twelve of his novels on everything from life and death, love and sex, religion and God, food and wine, and the state of the onion.

Whether you're a fan of Kinky's music, a devotee of his novels, or just a lover of good cookin' and good eatin', Eat, Drink, and Be Kinky wilt be sure to satisfy your appetite.

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  • It made me rub my belly.
    From Amazon

    Good food, good times. For a country girl, these recipes are finger lickin' good.

  • I look forward to more from Mike McGovern...
    From Amazon

    I loved this book! My favorite recipes are the Steve Rambam Jailhouse Chili, Son of Chicken McGovern, and the Beer Bread. McGovern's recipes are fun, tasty, and easy to make--what makes this cookbook so appealing is that it lacks the impersonal, robotic listing of ingredients and the cold, almost clinical approach to cooking that most mainstream cookbooks have. McGovern's book is warm and inviting--like sitting in the kitchen of an old friend who considers cooking for you a pleasure he never tires of. I highly recommend it and look forward to his next one.

  • Excellent! Another book of wit and EATERY from the Kinkster
    From Amazon

    What a wonderful book for fans of Kinky Friedman.

    As far as review below goes, that guy is going around leaving wierd, exaggerated reviews for a number of books. Don't know what his beef is, but Amazon has is ISP and is looking into it.

  • If Dunleavy survived after eating book must be good
    From Amazon

    Especially interested in Chicken Vodka as formerly served at Costellos prepared by George and served by Herbie with finger on plate...that author had time to cook and research recipes and have them vetted by insurance company is truly amazing-now that he is going to Europe-will await Continental cuisine tome

  • All that Chicken McGovern and now I learn what it is.
    From Amazon

    A dish-by-dish compendium to accompany Kinky's books. Opal would have loved it. Frank McCourt's recipe may be the best Irish offering yet. I hope this book becomes a financial pleasure for McGovern and all others in the Lion's Head Authors Retirement Fund.

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