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      Antoine Online

      Digital Fortress

      by Dan Brown
      Our price: LBP 20,370 / $ 13.58Unavailable
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Corgi Books
      • Publishing date: 28/08/2009
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780552161251
      • ISBN: 055216125X


      In most thrillers, "hardware" consists of big guns, airplanes, military vehicles, and weapons that make things explode. Dan Brown has written a thriller for those of us who like our hardware with disc drives and who rate our heroes by big brainpower rather than big firepower. It's an Internet user's spy novel where the good guys and bad guys struggle over secrets somewhat more intellectual than just where the secret formula is hidden--they have to gain understanding of what the secret formula actually is.

      In this case, the secret formula is a new means of encryption, capable of changing the balance of international power. Part of the fun is that the book takes the reader along into an understanding of encryption technologies. You'll find yourself better understanding the political battles over such real-life technologies as the Clipper Chip and PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) software even though the book looks at the issues through the eyes of fiction.

      Although there's enough globehopping in this book for James Bond, the real battleground is cyberspace, because that's where the "bomb" (or rather, the new encryption algorithm) will explode. Yes, there are a few flaws in the plot if you look too closely, but the cleverness and the sheer fun of it all more than make up for them. There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing and a lot of high, gee-whiz-level information about encryption, code breaking, and the role they play in international politics. Set aside the whole afternoon and evening for it and have finger food on hand for supper--you may want to read this one straight through.

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      • Good Thriller
        From Amazon

        This is probably my favorite Dan Brown novel. I think he overall creates a more interesting female protagonist compared to his novels with male protagonists. I really enjoyed Susan Fletcher's character a lot, and I really enjoyed reading her perspective on the story. I also liked the characters of Becker, Tankado, and Strathmore and how each of these characters developed in the novel. Granted some of the big "surprising" moments in the novel were easily seen coming, but they still made for an interesting story. I likes the subject matter of the plot, focusing on a lot of code-breaking and computers, while still grounding itself with Becker's action in the real world as a more average person compared to our other characters who found their strengths more in the digital world. I also really enjoyed the ending a lot, it was exciting and action packed and felt satisfying when it was over. Overall, the pacing of the novel was pretty good, this were consistently interesting and the story kept itself moving with very few dry moments. The only bad things I personally have to say about the novel, is that in the normal Dan Brown fashion, some of the time it almost seems illogical that our characters are so good at solving these remarkably difficult puzzles then get thrown off by some puzzle that feels trivial in comparison. Granted, this a tough balance to find, it still bothered me a bit. Also the end felt like it was supposed to be surprising, but was fairly predictable. However, none of these problems stopped me from really enjoying this novel.

      • Second best Dan Brown novel.
        From Amazon

        The first Dan Brown book I read was Angels and Demons and I LOVED it! Digital Fortress was interesting and intriguing and I couldn't put it down easily. Every other book after that has been pretty much exactly the same thing. His plots pretty much don't change at all - only the setting and main characters. I've read all of his books so far (except the newest one The Lost Symbol) and I only really liked Angels and Demons and Digital Fortress.

      • Great Book
        From Amazon

        Great Book...Kept me wanting to read more! If you like mysteries...this book is for you!

      • Amusing - in a comical way
        From Amazon

        I would have to say I enjoyed this book. However, I'm not sure I enjoyed it in the way the author intended. I chuckled through the book at the complete lack of knowledge of codes and mathematics, the cliff hanger chapter endings where you could guess what was going to happen, and the total give away of the "villain" almost from the very beginning. If you want a fun summer read without much thinking, I suggest this book. If you're looking for a tightly paced thriller or a peak into the actual workings of code breakers and government intelligence agency...this probably is not the place to go. By the way, the computer/math aspects of this book are as completely far-fetched as the religious aspects of Dan Brown's more widely known books, The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons. Wouldn't it be awesome if programmers and cryptologists staged protests for this book like religious groups protested the other Brown books?

      • Poorly written...gosh it hurts to read.
        From Amazon

        I give myself credit for hangin' in there until the last page. This is early Dan Brown...and 'poorly' Dan Brown. I cannot attest to the 'technical' aspects of the book as to whether they are correct or not...thankfully, I see at least one reader (who rated this book) knew that aspect of the book was inaccuarate many times over. Brown wanders and meanders toward the predictable points of the plot: you might as well fill-in the sentences yourself and come up with better twists in the plot.

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