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      Antoine Online

      Digital Fortress

      by Dan Brown
      Our price: LBP 18,180 / $ 12.12Unavailable
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
      • Publishing date: 05/01/2004
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780312995423
      • ISBN: 0312995423


      From the author of the bestselling Da Vinci Code comes a modern cyber-thriller involving a potentially crippling computer code.

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      • If I could rate it lower, I would...
        From Amazon

        I'm honestly surprised by the number of people who are reviewing this book in a wildly positive fashion. Frankly, if I were Dan Brown, I'd be mortified that this book is still out there for public perusal. The characters are presented as experts in a highly mathematical field, but when presented with a stupidly obvious puzzle they are left blinking stupidly at each other by simple mathematical concepts like Prime numbers.

        There are many twists and turns, as others have said, but the premise is flimsy and the results are awkward. All in all, this was NOT a good book.

      • Good Lord! It's Appalling!
        From Amazon

        I picked this up as a holiday read... and boy, what complete junk it is. It fails on pretty much every level. It fails as a thriller because it employs every stupid cliché plot device known to man: the good guy is the bad guy; the senior manager is behind it all; the girl is very clever & beautiful but terrifyingly stupid when it comes to closing doors and hatches. It fails as a technology book because it is so moronically poorly researched. The tech component is about 1% reality and 99% made up junk. Soldering mainframe components under the desk? Snigger....

        Frankly, I'd rather be forced to eat this book than ever read it again. Its easy to see why all the books PRIOR to Da Vinci Code were unsuccessful.

      • Not So Thrilling
        From Amazon

        Time has shown that Dan Brown is capble of of a far better effort than is to be found in this disappointing book. It certainly had the makings, but Dan Brown never really rolled them into a coherent whole, at least not this time. It begins with a promising subject matter and the basics of interesting character development. Regrettably, beginning is as far as it goes. The ostensibly intelligent characters are profoundly dull and do stupid things. Those stupid things compel clumsy manipulations of the already disjointed plot. It was a relief to be done with it.

      • Awesome
        From Amazon

        Well I had heard a lot about The Davinci code so I decided that I would check Dan Brown out. The first book I read from him was Digital Fortress and I absolutely loved it! It had a great story line with plenty of twists and turns. I also like Brown's chapters. They are short and always leave you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen. Really hard book to put down. Loved it and I recommend it to anyone who wants a good read. Probably my favorite Dan Brown book (of the four)

      • A Reeker
        From Amazon

        This is a piece of absolute trash. Dan Brown's writing skills are exceedingly limited, but at least Angels and Demons, and Da Vinci made a modicum of sense. Digital Fortress is a trackless waste that starts nowhere and goes nowhere. Save your money!!!

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