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Diary Of An Affair

by Jeannie Sakol
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Pinnacle
  • Publishing date: 01/09/1990
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781558173972
  • ISBN: 1558173978


For DIARY OF AN AFFAIR, Jeannie Sakol uses an exciting cinematic approach. Reliving her own personal experience, she tells the story in a dramatic series of individual “scenes”. Each is told from the separate viewpoints of newly divorced Liza and devoted husband Dan from the moment they first see each other jogging in the park and realize “something has happened”. Scene after scene reveals how each reacts to the volcanic turmoil of the affair. The emotional wreckage. The decisions to call it quits. The break-ups and passionate reconciliations.
Who do we blame for prolonging the agony? Is the final resolution fair to both Liza and Dan?
Reviewer Comment: “An intimate chronicle of the human heart revealed in honest and touching detail.”

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  • Superb Trash!
    From Amazon

    Oh, how many times did I read this in the early 90s?? Although there's almost every Married Man-Single Girl (using the term "girl" advisedly) cliche going on here, this is one guilty pleasure of a book. It explores, in diary form, the inner lives of those involved in a doomed affair between Liza, a massively insecure, career-obsessed Yuppie & Dan, a supposedly straight-up guy with a frigid-ish wife, 2 pre-adolescent girls & an inability to commit to much of anything. The setting: Upper-crust Manhattan, late '80s. The characters: Way too clueless & soulless & easy on themselves for comfort. Though Maggie, Dan's wife, is portrayed as the put-upon victim, no one comes off well. Certainly not Liza who I THINK the author is trying to present empathetically, but who I found to be self-serving & irritating beyond belief. Still...the writing is breezy & on target, the situations involving (if predictable). This is a fast, memorable read about a bunch of indulged people who cut themselves way too much slack.

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