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Desperate Sisters: Welcome To Our Neighbourhood

by Stephanie Johnson
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Urban Books
  • Publishing date: 01/03/2008
  • Language: Français
  • ISBN-13: 9781601620415
  • ISBN: 1601620411


Jalisa O'Neil, Lyda Lawrence and Valen Monet are three beautiful and intelligent women who are in their prime. Jalisa and Valen are married to Quinton and Roger while Lyda is engaged to Anthony.

Quinton, Anthony and Roger think they're taking care of their mates by smothering them with materialistic things and giving them a life in lap of luxury. Big houses, nice cars and money galore give Jalisa, Lyda and Valen persona's of being well off, loved and cherished wives.

But the real deal is that two of these three women have husbands who after they said "I do", didn't, and one has a boyfriend who just absolutely won't! Jalisa struggles with a husband who pays her no attention, works long hours, and when he's not working, he's playing golf with his corporate buddies. His inattentiveness leaves the door open for Lyda and Valen, Jalisa's two best friends who also struggle with issues in their own relationships, to rescue their girl from her misery. While Lyda's boyfriend Anthony can't keep it up past one round of sex with her, he somehow finds the "umph" to call 900 #'s all day every day, sending their credit card bills through the roof and putting them in financial chaos. Lastly, Valen's husband, Roger, is hell bent on believing that women have their place in the home and only have to answer one question, "Did you cum yet?" When Valen becomes pregnant, Roger does a complete turn around and wants to become the loving and caring husband that Valen wanted. But is it too late? Or better yet, is it even his baby???

When Jalisa, Lyda and Valen stop nagging their husbands to attend to their needs, these men are under the impression that their wives finally understand that what they say goes and are relieved that their wives are finding other things to occupy themselves, not that they're getting the goodies by having full fledged relationships with other men right under their noses. From the AAA man to boys fresh out of high school and nosy neighbors to old flings, Jalisa, Lyda, and Valen get their needs met and then some!

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  • More Than Desperate!
    From Amazon

    I loved the way the book went right into it. No lolligagin' beating around the bush (although there was alot of bush beating going on lol) anyway, this is a very good read. My first time reading this author, and I am hoping that there is a sequel. I did have one question at the start, but it was answered close to the end of the book..I had to go back and read again, I thought I was mistaken. Oh my..grab the book, it is sure worth the read. I did have a problem with the editing though, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't enjoy the book.

  • Okay
    From Amazon

    Okay read. Best part-finding out who Boyfriend was. Other than that, nothing special.

  • What's Missing?
    From Amazon

    This book was okay to me, ALL the women were just stupid and didn't seem to really learn anything, and instead of doing something with themselves, they let the men in their lives just screw them over and friends just for security or something like that. Besides, it was just missing something I couldn't put my finger on.

  • Good, But I'm Still Iffy!!
    From Amazon

    This book took me a long time to just sit down and read. Two weeks or more I struggled to pay attention and get into it. It was dragging too much. I read Lakeda first by Stephanie Johnson and there wasn't a slow moment. This book was just lacking something. Like a quickened pace, more dirt, and just hurry up already. I didn't like Lyda's secret at all but I am glad the author didn't let it come out in a blow up scene, only the readers knew. Other than that. The ending was aight but kinda lame, the beginning was slow as snail snot, and the climax was short lived for me. I will try to read one more by her. If it's a bust too, I will just chalk my love for Lakeda up as a fluke. I can't really give too many details on this book since there ain't much as it is and by reading enough reviews you won't or shouldn't even bother.

    From Amazon

    OMG! this book was great. From beginning to end, i could not put it down. the characters were alive and the text was descriptive and the drama kept it interesting. Trust and believe me,the ending was unpredictable. If you need a little wake-me-up, you must read this book.

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