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      Desert Royal

      by Jean Sasson
      Our price: LBP 12,165 / $ 8.11Unavailable
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      Product Details

      • Publisher: Bantam Books Ltd
      • Publishing date: 01/10/2004
      • Language: English
      • ISBN-13: 9780553816945
      • ISBN: 0553816942


      Readers of Princess Sultana's bestselling memoir, Princess, were gripped by her revelations about life of unimaginable privilege and wealth inside the royal family of Saudi Arabia, as well as her powerful indictment of human rights abuses in her country against women of all social strata. In Desert Royal she continues her story, at a period of crisis in her own life and that of her family. The forced marriage of her niece to a cruel and depraved older man, and her discovery of the harem of sex slaves kept by a cousin, makes her more deterrmined than ever to fight the oppression of women in Saudi Arabia.

      Princess Sultana's cause is given an extra sense of urgency against the background of increased dissent against the Al Sa'uds, and the looming spectre of Islamic fundamentalism. But an extended family 'camping' trip in the desert brings the luxury-loving Sultana and her relatives closer to their nomadic roots, and gives her the strength to carry on the fight for women's rights in all Muslim countries.

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      • Informative yet trashy
        From Amazon

        I have read all three Princess books. They were all very informative and I don't doubt that women are treated unfairly in Saudi Arabia, as Ms. Sasson and so many others claim. However, Ms. Sasson's books are a bit reminiscent of a soap opera. She lacks proper communication skills and the book has a trashy feel to it. I feel as though the story of Princess Sultana is one that needs to be told, but perhaps by a different author.

      • A selfish conquest for freedom
        From Amazon

        I was extremely disappointed in the Princess books written by Jean Sasson. The first novel was introduced to me by a coworker who happened to take note of the book that I was currently reading at the time "Burned Alive" by Souad. Upon reading the first Princess book, I was apalled at what I learned and somewhat sympathized with the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That is...until I realized that this was coming from a spoiled princess who had everything she could ever want except the freedom to drive. This was not a book in comparison to "Burned Alive" in that the author was simply writing it from an extremely selfish standpoint. "Burned Alive" was about a woman who survived a brutal honor crime and the sole purpose of her book was to make the public aware of what goes on in the countries dominated by religious fanatics who make it fit their lifestyles. In "Princess" Sultana is allowed to mouth off to her husband, her husband's mother, and even attempts to run away with her children. We as the readers praise her for such bravery yet due to her selfishness, she returns to the Kingdom only to dominate and control her servants in that of the ways of the royal family. She suffered nothing, drinking when forbidden, given the opportunity to shop whenever and wherever, and to travel to countries whenever she felt like it. Princess Sultana did nothing of the sort to impress me. Yes her stories were sad yet she never really went through anything enduring such as being burned alive or giving birth to a baby in a hospital room alone. Instead she was catered at every beck and call and it wasn't until the final book of the trilogy that she decided to truly do something about the situation that was created in the dessert on their "trip back into their roots." I did not feel sorry for her. She epitomized a selfish and spoiled princess who had everything she could ever want but the freedom to drive in a country where underaged children are allowed to sit behind a steering wheel. She cried and moaned of how terrible life was in Saudi Arabia yet when given the opportunity, she fled only to return to the luxuries of being a royal, suffering no consequences of the sort. She had more freedom than anyone under Islamic reign yet her own self-absorbed mind only focused on what she didn't have, a driver's license.

      • Comments......
        From Amazon

        You also have to remember that this is a life story, I don't think when someone tells there life experience that it means that everyones life will be the same, just like we can't generalized everyone in a country or religion by only one experience.

      • How much misleading does america need
        From Amazon

        I am sorry if this is the way your life went it is sad. I am an american woman who is married to a Saudi Arabian man. He is good to my children and is very good to me. He loves all three of our childen equally and even is more protective over our daugther. He and his family are very good to me and my children. Women in this country are treated the same as the princess and even worse and people do not respond this way for them. You can find some solace in the fact that your story has no support and that no one inside the Kingdom will agree to your story. My sister in laws are not treated like this and they live in saudi arabia today you are a spiteful person to write such trash and condemn a whole nation to your families problems

      • For a different perspective
        From Amazon

        As a youmg woman I worked in Saudi Arabia and can relate to many of the Princess stories. The treatment of women is truly shocking. A new book called "Single in Saudi" by Genia is a humorous account of a single American woman's experiences in this oppressive society. She dealt with the oppression as a liberated woman and got away with it.

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