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Daily Language Review, Grade 4

by Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Evan Moor
  • Publishing date: 01/03/1998
  • Language: Français
  • ISBN-13: 9781557996589
  • ISBN: 155799658X


This book is loaded, from cover to cover, with focused practice exercises that will keep your Grade 4 students' language skills sharp and expanding. As an added benefit, the items are presented in a variety of standardized testing formats, such as those used in the SAT-9, OLSAT, and TAAS tests.

Weekly units presented follow this format:
* Monday-Thursday (five items) -- two sentences to edit, including corrections in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar, vocabulary, plus three items that practice a variety of language and reading skills.
* Friday -- practice cycles through four formats - language usage, identifying and correcting mistakes, combining sentences, choosing reference materials

All 112 pages are reproducible and perforated for easy removal.

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  • A Handy Review Tool
    From Amazon

    I used the 3rd grade version for about 3 years before changing grades and I now have the 4th grade version. I use this as morning work for when the students first come into the classroom. I like it because it's different every day and it's short so it doesn't become too dull for the students. Also, it covers many of the language arts concepts and is a terrific review. This newer version comes with a tracking chart for students but I don't plan on using it. (It's on the bottom half of the Friday sheet.) Because of this, I wish the company would print two Fridays together so I can run them off together and actually use both halves. It's a lot of wasted paper to only want the top half for my class. For this reason, I tend to skip the Friday reviews altogether.

  • I Love Daily Language Review
    From Amazon

    This book is amazing. I use it every morning with my students and is a great way of reviewing/teaching editing skills, grammar, vocabulary and general word study. It may be a bit advanced for my urban kids but I also bought the 3rd grade one and switch between the two.

  • very helpful!
    From Amazon

    I'm very pleased with my purchase. While I don't plan to use all aspects for my students, it serves as a wonderful resource!

  • Easy everyday
    From Amazon

    I love this!!! I use it everyday, and use other levels depending on my students ability. Great item!

  • A great book in great condition.
    From Amazon

    I really liked the book and the seller was quick mailing the item! It is a very useful piece of info.

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