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Cities Of Northern And Central Italy - Vol I: On The Rivieras, And In Piedmont And Lombardy

by Augustus J. C. Hare
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  • Publisher: Ellott Press
  • Publishing date: 20071009
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781406782097
  • ISBN: 1406782092


PREFACE. IN 1875 almost all the places described in these volumes were carefully revisited, in order to make the information they contain, especially the accounts of the Italian picture-galleries, as correct as possible up to the present time. But in giving to others what has been at once the companion and employment of many years, I am only too conscious of the imperfec- tions of my work of how much better descriptions might be given, of the endless amount which remains unsaid. Bearing Italy ever in my heart, I can only hope that others, better fitted, will be led to drink at the great fountain which it is impossible to exhaust, though those who have once been refreshed by it, will always long to return. The book is called Cities of Northern and Central Italy because almost all the interest of these dis- tricts is confined to the towns, but it also treats of vi PREFACE. the whole country lying between the Alps and that which is described in Days near Rome. The Illustrations, with very few exceptions, are from my own sketches taken on the spot, and trans- ferred to wood by Sulman. Holmhurst, Jan., 1876. the kindness and skill of Mr. T. AUGUSTUS J. C. HARE. INTRODUCTORY CONTENTS. CHAPTER I. THE RIVIERA DI PONENTE ....... I CHAPTER II. GENOA ........... 29 CHAPTER III. THE RIVIERA DI LEVANTE CARRARA AND MASSA... 58 CHAPTER IV. TURIN ........... 74 CHAPTER V. THE WALDENSES ......... 96 CHAPTER VI. THE VAL DAOSTA ......... 108 CHAPTER VII. VERCELLI AND NOVARA ........ IH MILAN CHAPTER VIII. 8 CONTENTS. CHAPTER IX. PAGE PAVIA .166 CHAPTER X. MONZA AND COMO . 179 CHAPTER XI. THE ITALIAN LAKES . .19 CHAPTER XII. BERGAMO AND THE LAGO DlSEO 2l6 CHAPTER XIII. CREMONA 230 CHAPTER XIV. BRESCIA 241 CHAPTER XV. THE LAGO DI GARDA 255 CHAPTER XVI. VERONA 262 CHAPTER XVII. MANTUA 302 CHAPTER XVIII. VICENZA 321 CHAPTER XIX. PADUA AND THE EUGANEAN HILLS 335 CHAPTER XX. BASSANO AND THE FRIULIAN ALPS 367 INTRODUCTORY. THE old days of Italian travel are already beginning to pass out ofrecollection the happy old days, when with slow-trotting horses and jangling bells, we lived for weeks in our vetturino carriage as in a house, and made ourselves thoroughly comfortable there, halting at midday forluncheon, with pleasant hours for wandering over unknown towns, and gathering flowers, and making discoveries in the churches and convents near our resting-place. All that we saw then remains impressed upon our recollection as a series of beautiful pictures set in a frame-work of the home-like associations of a quiet life which was gilded by all that Italian loveliness alone can bestow of its own tender beauty. The arrangements of vetturino travel warded off the little rubs and collisions and discomforts which are inevitable now, and the mind was left perfectly free to drink in the sur- rounding enjoyment. The slow approach to each long- heard of but unseen city, gradually leading up, as the sur- roundings of all cities do, to its own peculiar characteristics, gave a very different feeling towards it to that which is produced by rushing into a railway station with an irn. pending struggle for luggage and places in an omnibus which, in fact, is probably no feeling at all. While, in the many hours spent in plodding over the weary surface of a featureless country, we had time for so studying the marvel- lous story of the place we were about to visit, that when we saw it, it was engraved for ever on the brain, with its past associations and its present beauties combined...

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