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Christopher Columbus

by Hesperides
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  • Publisher: Hesperides Press
  • Publishing date: 20070315
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781406758733
  • ISBN: 1406758736


Text extracted from opening pages of book: CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CONTENTS CHAPTER MJ* L THE STORY-TELLER ...... i II. THE RIDDLE OF COLUMBUS , . , 10 II L THE SOLDIER OF FORTUNE . - . .16 IV. SAILOH AND TRADER, SOLDIER AND PIRATE . ,21 V, THE PLUNGE INTO THE VOID .... 30 VL THE EXPERT ....... 39 VII, THE OFFICIAL DOCUMENT CHELSTOBAL COLUMBO . 45 VIIL FLIGHT FROM PORTUGAL ..... 52 IX* OUTSIDE MANY Boons 60 X THE WISE MEN OF SALAMANCA 67 XL AWAITING THE DECISION 80 XI L THE AGREEMENT ..,. 86 XIII. THREE SHIPS PUT TO SEA .... 94 XIV, COLUMBUS WRITES A DIARY . . . . 101 XV, THE VOYAGE INTO THE UNKNOWN . , * 105 XVI. THE LIGHT OF THE NEW WORLD . , .114 XVI L THE FIRST HUMAN BEINGS . , , , 125 XVIII. THE FORTUNATE IBLEB * 132 XIX, LANDING ON CUBA . . , . . * 3 8 XX, MARTIN PINZQN MAKES HIMSELF INDEPENDENT . 144 XXL DISTINGUISHED VISITORS ON BOARD , , ,151 XXI L THE ADMIRAL S SHIP is WRECKED . , .158 vi CONTENTS CHAPTER p A OB XXIII. THE FIRST SETTLEMENT IN THE NEW WORLD. 167 XXIV. THE RIVALS I73 XXV. STORM ON THE OCEAN 181 XXVI. THE PORTUGUESE TRAP . , . .185 XXVII. THE CONQUERING HERO . . . .192 XXVIII. THE PARTITION OF THE WORLD . . .198 XXIX. ON VOYAGE FOR THE SECOND TIME . , 208 XXX. AMONG CANNIBALS 211 XXXI. RUINS AND CORPSES 2* 5 XXXII. THE TOWN ISABELLA AND FORT ST. THOMAS . 221 XXXIII. IN THE QUEEN S PRIVATE CHAMBER . . 227 XXXIV. ON THE QUEST OF THE GRAND KHAN , . 232 XXXV. THE LORD OF THE GOLDEN HOUSE , . 237 XXXVI. INGOTS OF GOLD 245 XXXVII. INTERLUDE 253 XXXVIII. THIRD VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY . . , 260 XXXIX. ON THE THRESHOLD OF PARADISE . . * 264 XL. THE HELL ON HISPANIOLA . . . .269 XLI. THE ADMIRAL IN CHAINS . 277 XLIL COLUMBUS MAKES AN INDICTMENT , . ,281 XLIII. THE TRIBUNAL 285 XLIV. LAST VOYAGE 291 XLV. THE RESCUE OF THE ADMIRAL . . ,298 XLVI. , . . THE WORLD S REWARD 303 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS CHAPTER I THE STORY-TELLER THREE young lads, whose ages ranged from ten to fourteen years, sprawled lazily on a narrow strip of beach shelving down from Genoa s fortified wall, which met the sea with its grim rampart of stone. Their bare feet were stretched out to the waves that now and then ran up to them, colouring the stones a glassy green and then speeding swiftly back again with a soft hiss. The sea was quiet, and the crests of its waves were like a swarm of white mice that were trying to save themselves by a headlong rush to the shore. One of them was always in front and reached its goal at last, but the long train of those that followed it sank silently into the swirling deep. The sun was already setting behind the lofty mountains, whose immense trough of valleys opens out towards the sea, and the harbour of Genoa lay in bluish-black shade. But towards the south the sea took on a brighter and brighter blue as it neared the horizon and sparkled dazzlingly in the last blaze of the July day. The chimes of the Angelus had already died away, but down here by the sea the sounds of labour had not ceased. There was scarcely room in the inner harbour for the vast number of vessels, which were either waiting to be unloaded or were setting out again with fresh cargo. At the other quays as well, right on to the great mole with its lighthouse there were serried rows of shipstwo-and three-masters, whose enormous holds carried as much as twelve thousand tons, smaller caravels with short, stumpy masts and broad, square sails, and low galleys that were propelled by oars alone. Diminutive rowing-boats swarmed like flies round all of them. The tangle of masts, yards and ropes formed an irregular lattice-work to the right and left of the three lads* But at the place where they lay an opening allowed an uninterrupted view into the distance, for there was no landing-A 2 CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS place here, and it was possible to wade for about fifty paces into the water on the firm, rocky bottom. On that account the dockers from the adjacent quays bathed here, and the draft-horses and mules as well, when they were allowed a short respite from their l

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