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Canyon Wilderness Of The Southwest

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  • Publisher: Welcome Books
  • Publishing date: 21/10/2008
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781599620565
  • ISBN: 1599620561


Straddling the borders of Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico lies a magnificent wilderness known as the Colorado Plateau. Encompassing over 130,000 square miles, it is a high, eroded tableland of rock, canyon, and desert, and within its boundaries are the greatest concentration of National Parks, National Monuments, State Parks, Wilderness areas, BLM holdings, and Native American tribal lands in America. There are thirteen geographical areas included in the book: Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness, Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Grand Gulch, Petrified Forest National Park, Hopi Tribal Lands, Grand Canyon National Park, Navajo Tribal Lands.

Jon Ortner captures it all in this encompassing volume of full-color photographs. Packaged with a limited edition print signed by the photographer, this impressive collection features over 200 photographs accompanied by quotes from authors, travelers, and nature enthusiats who have fallen under the spell of this incredible region. Featuring the most extraordinary collection of multicolored landforms found anywhere on Earth, this remarkable assemblage of geological diversity and spectacular beauty attracts growing millions of U.S. and foreign tourists every year. These time-worn canyons, mesas, and vast wind-swept deserts form the greatest expanse of exposed rock in North America. Without cover of dense vegetation or topsoil, the jagged skeleton of the earth is revealed, providing a continuous geological record spanning over 300 million years. Nowhere else is the ancient history of the planet laid bare in such a clear and dramatic way. Mesas, buttes, towers, spires, hoodoos, arches, windows, fins, domes, bridges, and badlands, all are infused with incomparable colors, creating a surreal world of chromatic rocks, tinted soils,
and shimmering sand dunes. It is a luminous painting with hues that change with each hour of the day. These locations have long attracted photographers, but few have photographed with the unique 6x17cm Panorama Camera and modern fine-grain transparency films. The ruggedness of the land, the great distances to be traveled, and extreme weather conditions magnify the logistic difficulties of photographing in the deserts and narrow slot canyons of the Plateau. Transporting heavy photo equipment and film by backpack over long and difficult trails, presents both mental and physical challenges. And the desert is unforgiving of even the smallest errors, treating the unprepared harshly. But, for the few with passion, for those who are willing to begin their trek at the end of the road, the secret world of the high Southwest reveals its treasures.

These photographs reflect the power and stunning beauty of these incomparable monuments to time and the inexorable forces of nature. It is a portrait of a wonderland of colored stone that is the eternal soul of Mother Earth, the foundation of the planet, and a reminder of the ultimate insignificance of man and his creations.

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  • Awesome collection
    From Amazon

    First let me say that I agree 100% with all that the other reviewers have said about the author and the subject matter. Rather than being redundant about those things let me praise the quality of this publication! This is probably the most expensive book I have ever purchased but let me say that it would be a bargain at twice the price! It is truly an awesome work of art from cover to cover and even comes packaged in an almost indestructible carton. Whether you enjoy the southwest or geological wonders or beautiful photography you will never get more for your money than this book. It is astounding!! The signed and numbered frame-able print included is an unbelievable bonus! There will only be 6000 people lucky enough to own this book. I am glad I am one of them!! I could go on and on but others have said it better than I probably would so I will just say "believe what you read about this one"!! I think you will probably find yourself asking your friends to "wash their hands" before looking at this work of art!

  • A tribute collection very highly recommended for any library strong in landscape photography
    From Amazon

    Jon Ortner's oversized, full-page color photos of the Southwest embellishes an album perfect for both photography collections and those documenting the landscapes of the American Southwest. It's a deluxe, numbered, signed and limited edition of an outstanding collection of over 200 images - including 100 panoramas - shot in over 650 locations across a 130,000-square-mile area. The geology and landmarks of this region are outstanding: towers, spires, arches, domes, bridges and more. This edition is limited to 6,000 copies, so any lending library lucky enough to acquire a copy need place it in the 'reserved' area for special, limited handling. That said, it's a tribute collection very highly recommended for any library strong in landscape photography, American geology and parks, or Southwest history and culture. It's simply unparalleled in its scope, presentation, and coverage.

  • Prepare to re-schedule your summer vacation
    From Amazon

    Having travelled through the south of Utah myself, I can say that this book shows you the best of places like Bryce Canyon, Canyon lands, Zion, Arches and Grand Canyon. The author has managed to show the reader lots of places that are off the beaten track and each and every photo is of an exceptional quality. Prepare yourself for rescheduling your summer vacation after reading this book. As an bonus, my copy of the book came with a numbered print of a limited series (6000) of Antelope Canyon

  • Slot Canyons and other Unique Places
    From Amazon

    I've been going to the canyon lands of the SW since the 50s and have never seen a book that captures the magic of this area like Jon Ortner's book. He's obviously done some very serious hiking and suffering to find the most scenic and special places. His book will give readers an agenda of gems that will take you years to find and explore. The photographs are incredible. Breath taking. Clearly Jon has been up at the crack of first light to capture the "golden hour." This is a spiritual book that captures the spirituality of the most beautiful place on earth. It's an expensive book but well worth it. I'll keep it on my coffee table to remind me that I can always escape the urban rat race by opening its pages.

  • A stunning and luminous work of art
    From Amazon

    Jon Ortner's exquisite work sets the highest standard for photography of this immense slice of the American West. His years of tireless effort have paid off in a way that is of tremendous reward to the viewer where every page seems better than the last. Some of these panoramic images have been printed as double gatefolds which unfurl to a mind-boggling 4 feet in width! This collection represents the epitome of panoramic film photography quickly becoming a dying art indeed. A must for anyone interested in this subject matter or the millions like myself that will never get to all of these breathtaking locations. Thank you for this awesome delight of the senses.

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