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Asterix And The Secret Weapon (uderzo. Asterix Adventure, 29.)

by Albert Uderzo
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Orion
  • Publishing date: 28/05/2002
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780752847771
  • ISBN: 0752847775


A woman bard? That’s unheard of in Ancient Gaul. So, when the mothers in Asterix’s town want to replace Cacofonix with Bravura, the men are horrified. But, Bravura hits the right notes musically, and she proves very valuable when Julius Caesar sends in his secret weapon: a group of female legionnaries. Caesar thinks the Gauls will be too noble to fight the women...but Bravura has no such scruples! And, even Cacofonix succeeds in coming into his own.

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  • Hasn't aged well.
    From Amazon

    Albert Uderzo, Asterix and the Secret Weapon (Dargaud, 1991)

    Asterix and Obelix take on their most formidable enemy yet: feminism! Bravura, a new bard, comes to the village, causing Cacofonix to leave in a huff. She soon has the women of the town standing up for themselves, which causes the men to go off and set up camp in the forest. Meanwhile, Claphamomnibus, Roman agent, is on his way to the village with a secret weapon he guarantees will defeat the Gauls. (We've heard that one before.) Asterix and Obelix to-- well, no. Bravura to the rescue! The problem with this one is that it's kind of tired. Uderzo recycled a lot of old material here, and the resolution to the problem may cause some alarm bells to go off in the heads of those sensitive to stereotypes. Not one of the series' better entries. ** ½

  • Ladies Learning
    From Amazon

    There's a new bard coming to the village. There's a secret weapon coming to Gaul. They have a lot in common, they'll both stir up Gaulish tradition, and one has a crush on Asterix...

    "Asterix and the Secret Weapon" is Asterix #29, first published in 1991. I really liked it, though I never used to as a kid. Great dialogue, pretty pictures. It's funny seeing all the characters react to the secret weapon, to the bard Bravura and to themeselves. Worth a look for fans.

  • The Plot, the punch lines, and the gags all read a bit stale
    From Amazon

    An Asterix, old or new, is a must read. But, this one is a tad disappointing. The jokes and punchlines are not as funny, the plot is a bit strained... Which is disappointing indeed. You have to have read some of the older Asterix comics - Mansion of the Gods for example - to understand what I mean. If you are a die hard Asterix fan then go ahead and read/buy this one. Else go for some of the older ones.

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