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Asterix And Caesar''s Gift (asterix)

by Rene Goscinny
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Product Details

  • Publisher: Orion
  • Publishing date: 28/04/2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9780752866451
  • ISBN: 0752866451


When Caesar offers a gift, be suspicious...very suspicious. Upon his release from the Roman Army, Tremensdelirius gets the deed to Asterix's little Gaulish village. But he swaps it for a drink in the tavern--and soon the owner and his family are off to claim their prize. What's going to happen? Surprisingly, Asterix has a different view of the situation than his friends.

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  • Politics come to the village
    From Amazon

    Originally done as a comic in a french childrens' magazine, the Adventures of Asterix the Gaul have grown beyond that small framework and can be enjoyed by peoples around the world. The idea is that in the world of 55BC all Gaul has been conquored by the Romans, except for one small village which holds out against the invaders. The source of their survival is a magic potion brewed by the village Druid which gives the drinker superhuman strength. The gauls are not waging a war with the romans, they just go about their lives and after being thumped a few times, the local Romans are more than happy to let them do it.

    In this adventure the tale starts with a sadistic Caesar giving a reprobate legionaire a plot of land in the village that has yet to be conquored. Not wanting a village the roman gives the grant to an inn keeper for some wine and goes on his way.

    the inn keeper relocates his family to what he see's as 'his village' and gets the shock of his life when his declaration of ownership iis greeted with howls of laughter. Driven on by his wife he runs for the office of Chief forcing Vitalstatistix to run too.

    What follows are the evils of politics and the silliness of splinter groups as differing parties spring up- some with only a single member. added to the mix is the drunken soldier who's decided he wants the village after all.

  • Very good magazine!
    From Amazon

    One of those adventures you enjoy reading, fun for any kid or adult.

  • Another "trouble in the village" episode
    From Amazon

    Rene Goscinny, Asterix and Caesar's Gift (Dargaud, 1972)

    Caesar deeds our favorite Gaulish village to a retiring drunkard of a soldier, who trades it to a Lutetian for a meal and an amphora. Said Lutetian goes to said village and sets himself up as the new leader. Tension abounds. I'm fondest of Goscinny when he's doing this sort of thing-- looking at the way civilization breaks down when outside influences appear (viz. Asterix and the Roman Agent), especially given Uderzo's rather stereotypical drawing style when it comes to certain ethnic minorities that pop up now and again... ***

  • Asterix and Caesar's Gift
    From Amazon

    "Asterix and Caesar's Gift" (1974) is Asterix #21 It's fairly good. Worth a look for fans of characters in the village like Geriatrix and Vitalstatistix.

    Julius Caesar gives his troops a plot of land if they give 20 years of work to his army. Julius has overheard that one man up for retirement doesn't like him, so Julius gives him a deed to land he hasn't conquered yet, Vitalstatistix's Gaulish village. Man can't be bothered going all the way up to the corner of Gaul, so he sells his plot for some beer to a tavern keeper, who goes with his family to claim the village. Challenges and chaos follow in the village...

  • Caesar sets a cat among the pigeons...
    From Amazon

    After a drunken Legionnaire is heard making insulting remarks about Julius Caesar, Caesar decides to give him a present-which he in turn sells to a Gaullish Innkeeper for a meal and some drinks.

    The innkeeper, Orthopaedix, comes to the village, we know so well, with his wife and daughter, setting in chain a breakdown of cohesion there, as a dispute over the Chieftainship of the village, Obelix falling in love, and the refusal of Druid Getafix to make magic potion makes for another rollicking Asterix adventure.

    Once more, a lot of fun.

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