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An Outline History Of The World

by H.A. Davies
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  • Publisher: Schauffler Press
  • Publishing date: 20070315
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 9781406743104
  • ISBN: 1406743100


AN OUTLINE HISTORY OF THE WORLD H. A. DAVIES, M. A. H. M. QUAKFRS YARD SECONDARY SCHOOL, MERTHYR TYDFIL NEW EDITION Revised to 1937 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS LONDON GEOFFREY CUMBERLEGE OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS AMLN HOUSE, E. C. 4 London Ldiuburgh Glasgow New York Toronto Melbourne Cape Town Bombay Calcutta Madras GEOFFRKY CUMBHRLEGE PUBLISHER 10 THE UNIVERSITY FIRST PUBLISHED 1 928 REPRINTED 1931, 1936 NEW EDITION 1937 REPRINTED 1942, I94 1947 PRINTED IN GREAT BRITAIN PREFACE TO NEW EDITION THE study of World History has been widely neglected in the past, and even to-day it has hardly advanced beyond the experimental stage it is too frequently a mere appendage, and not, as it should be, a groundwork for the study of all history. Exclusive attention to the record of ones own particular nation is apt to induce feelings of superiority and self-righteousness, which are a barrier in the way of inter national understanding, and which, in their extreme form, find expression in such ridiculous doctrines as the Nazi theory of a pure German race. The historian among his books, said the Greek writer Lucian, should forget his nationality. What is best and most durable in the world is the raault of the accumulated and transferred wisdom of many, nations. A knowledge, however fragmentary, of these contributions to wards progress, of the events which have caused the rise and fall of nations, and of the differing ways in which individual countries have promoted the general welfare, will help to ensure that international outlook without which Leagues of Nations and Hague Conferences have little chance to make headway. In a work such as this the task of selection is necessarily difficult, and I must therefore ask the pardon of those readers whom I may, inadvertently, have offended by not including, or by passing over lightly, events which are of special interest to them. I am conscious of no bias, apart from an attachment to that particular form of freedom which can only exist in democratic countries, but I have made an honest attempt to explain other forms of political activity, and to reveal their good points. The lack of scientific documentary evidence naturally makes it more difficult to assess the history of the post-war period than that of a time which is so distant that it can be examined with complete historical detachment. vi PREFACE TO NEW EDITION The reception already given to this book encourages the riter to believe that it has aroused some interest, not only in schools, for which it is primarily intended, but also among general readers, whom it may lead to a more detailed study of world history. I am deeply indebted to the officers of the Oxford University Press and their advisers for suggestions and advice, which have been of the greatest assistance to me, and for the choice of illustrations. January 1937 H. A. D. CONTENTS PART I THE ANCIENT WORLD I. Early Man ...... i II. Early Civilizations Egypt . . . 15 in. Early Civilizations Babylonia and Assyria . 46 iv. Early Civilizations The Medes and Persians 59 v. Early Civilizations China ... 72 VI. Early Civilizations India .... 78 vii. The Phoenicians ..... 84 vin. The Beginnings of Civilization in Europe . 89 ix. The Greeks 97 X. The Empire of Alexander the Great . 144 xi. Buddha and Confucius . . .152 xn. The Roman Republic . .159 XIII. The Roman Empire . . . . .189 xiv. The Conquerors of Rome .... 226 XV. What Civilization owes to the Jews . . 233 APPENDIX I. Some important dates in Ancient History 254 PART II FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE MIDDLE AGES TO THE PRESENT DAY xvi. Europe after the fall of Rome . . . 259 XVII . The Rise and Spread of the Mohammedan Power 273 xvui. The Empire of Charles the Great . . 287 viii CONTENTS xix. The Power of the Medieval Church . . 306 xx. The Growth and Development of Towns during the Middle Ages . . . 338 xxi. The Growth of Nationality during the Middle Ages 359 xxn. The Mongols and the Turks . . . 370 xxin. The Beginning of Modern Times . ...

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