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An Illustrated Guide To The Lost Symbol

by John Weber
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  • Publisher: Pocket
  • Publishing date: 08/12/2009
  • Language: Français
  • ISBN-13: 9781416523666
  • ISBN: 1416523669


Rich in world history and political power, veiled in secrecy, and rife with rituals and arcane symbols -- from art and architecture to the images that adorn our currency -- the Freemasons arose from ambiguous origins centuries ago to play a major role in drafting the initial documents of the United States, and even in constructing the intricate landscape of Washington, D.C., itself a virtual mystery by design. These puzzles lay the foundation for Dan Brown's serpentine thriller, The Lost Symbol, and also raise provocative questions. Why do some Masonic symbols remain obscured, while others are hidden in plain sight? Which presidents were the embodiments of Masonic ideals? What is the significance of the construction of the Library of Congress, Washington National Cathedral, the Washington Monument, the Capitol, and the physical layout of Washington, D.C.'s roadways and cul-de-sacs? And to what secretive end do they all lead?

Now millions of curious fans can follow Robert Langdon step-by-step, and discover for themselves the answers to the absorbing conundrums posed by The Lost Symbol in this comprehensive, fully illustrated, and intricately detailed tour of the arcana of Washington, D.C. It takes readers through the enigmatic codes, captivating trivia, unfathomable riddles, intriguing records, historic maps, ciphers, and conspiracies of the phenomenal bestseller. What's more, it reveals the fascinating details of a world of unknown locales, mysticism, intrigue, and secret societies -- all of which lie in the shadow of The Lost Symbol.

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  • Lost Symbol Illustrated
    From Amazon

    This was a OK book to read after reading the lost symbol. There was not the detailed illustrations that I thought there would be but it was helpful seeing some of the pictures in this book.

  • Very interesting
    From Amazon

    Not quite what I thought it would be but has a lot of information and stories about freemasonry.

  • Do you not have google?
    From Amazon

    This book is really only for those folks who don't have the internet or know how google works. I used my phone as I read the book and constantly looked up info on the terms or references. It was great. Robert Langdon talked about Darth Vader on the cathedral and I had a picture in a couple seconds to know what he was referring to. But if google is too hard for you to work, then this might be the perfect book for you. It is much more fun to read a book like the Lost Symbol with the ability to see what Dan Brown is referring to. But really, google makes this type of book nearly obsolete.

  • A Guide to the Lost Symbol and MUCH more
    From Amazon

    This is a gorgeous book which serves as much more than a mere "guide" to Dan Brown's latest opus. "An Illustrated Guide to the Lost Symbol" is a stand-alone study of the entire history of Masonry, beautifully illustrated, with searching essays by leading scholars and Masons, all of whom labor to shed light on various aspects of the world's most famous and influential sodality. I don't need to add that the writing throughout is much better than Dan Brown's. Anyone who has ever been curious about Masonry, even Masons themselves, will be richly rewarded by this collection.

    From Amazon

    I bought this guide in an attempt to further understand (and continue my fascination with) the Lost Symbol. It did not dissapoint! Great pictures to show all of the things I NEEDED to see! Thank you!

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